For the Soviet Union No 4

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The Yenisei River. Construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. The moment the river was blocked. Streets of Odessa. Building, laboratory of the Research Institute of Eye Diseases named after Academician V.P. Filatov. The director of the institute, Professor N.A.Puchkovskaya, is preparing for and conducting an operation to transplant the cornea of the eye. Assisted by a young scientist from Vietnam Nguyen Chong Nyan. Patients who cleared up after the operation: the former prisoner of the Nazi concentration camp V. Malanich, the Kazakh girl A. Bergimbaeva, the Romanian A. Terfeologa. Guestbook. In the Leningrad seaport, cranes are in operation during the spring navigation. Baltic Sea (shooting from an airplane). Airplane in the air. Crew: pilot, radio operator. The icebreaker receives an ice map with the help of the latest phototelegraph apparatus "Ladoga". The icebreaker makes a path through the ice. Moscow city. Komsomolskaya Square. Entrance to the subway. People's Artist of the USSR PD Korin is going down the escalator. Komsomolskaya metro station. In the underground workshop, Corinne works on mosaic compositions for metro stations. Artist at home. His drawings, a collection of 12th century icons. Hall of the exhibition of paintings by Korin. Portraits of A. Nevsky, M. Gorky, academician N.F. Gamaley, artist M.S. Saryan, artists Kukryniksy. Field shooting of the film "War and Peace" in Transcarpathia. Director S.F.Bondarchuk, chief cameraman A.V. Shelenkov and cameraman Chen Yu Lan. Preparing for filming artists: V. V. Tikhonov, G. Chokhanolidze. Filming the scene of Kutuzov's farewell to Bagration. B. Zakhava as Kutuzov. Trainer V. Filatov with bears at home, in a dressing room, performs in the circus arena. Bears play boxing, ride motorcycles.
V. Belyaev
Film ID
, scientific connections
, energy
, urban transport
, automobile transport
, exhibitions
, building
, sea transport
, telegraph communication
, the circus
, landscapes
, cities
, air transport
, monumentshistoryculture
, medical sciences
, painting
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