For the Soviet Union No 6

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Tajikistan. Zeravshai river. Mountain avalanche. A newly formed lake in the upper reaches of the river. A stone mass with a height of 250 meters, blocking the path of the water. Evacuation of the population from areas that were threatened with flooding. Arrival of soldiers to eliminate the consequences of the collapse. Blasting works, construction of a bypass channel. Soviet aircraft designer S. Ilyushin with his wife and children. IL-18 aircraft, designed by S. Ilyushin. The new IL-62 transport airliner, created by the aircraft designer. Airplane cockpit. Airplane in the air. The plot of the magazine tells about the arrival of the James McKesey family in Moscow to the family of the engineer Pozdnev. Meeting at the Moscow airport. An American family at the Moscow Small Car Plant, visiting the sights of the city, visiting the circus, at a table in the Pozdnev family. Lezgin village of Akhty, which is 800 years old. Mountain river in the aul. History teacher of the local school S. Musaeva with students, sings a song about the new life of the mountaineers. Amateur performances of the village: an orchestra is playing, the ensemble is performing a lezginka dance. Artists E. Maksimova and V. Vasiliev at home. E. Maksimova in the classroom. The rehearsal is supervised by G. Ulanova. V. Vasiliev in the ballet "Laurencia" on the stage of the Palace of Congresses.
E. Vermisheva
Film ID
school education
, international connections
, natural disasters
, aircraft construction
, artistic activities
, ballet
, automotive industry
, air transport
, music
, art
Number of Parts
А. Havchin, H. Koroev
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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