For the Soviet Union No 8

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Delegates of the VIII International Anti-Cancer Congress go to the Lomonosov Moscow State University for a meeting of the Congress. President of the US National Cancer Center J. Heller and other participants in the Congress make speeches at the meeting. Congress delegates talk with Soviet scientists in the laboratory of the Moscow Research Center; examine the equipment at the PA Herzen Cancer Institute. Congress participants visiting the exhibits at the International Exhibition of Medical Equipment, listening to speakers at a meeting of the Congress in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor N. N. Blokhin makes a speech at the meeting (synchronously). Participants of a fur auction in Leningrad, representatives of large fur firms in the USA, France, England, Holland inspect furs in the showroom of the auction. Various points of bidding at the auction. The processes of work of a thermal drill - a tool for drilling the hardest rocks in the bowels of the earth. Meeting of the former prisoners of the Buchenwald concentration camp - the German anti-fascist F. Unger and his adopted son, a resident of Ukraine, S. Batz. F. Unger, who saved S. Batz during the war of 1941-1945, talks with him in a Ukrainian village; villagers greet F. Unger. Forest landscape of the foothills of the Carpathians in Ukraine. Filming of animals in the forest: deer are running, teddy bears are playing, a fox is sitting. View of the city of Sochi. The building of the International Youth Camp "Sputnik" near the city of Sochi. Campers sunbathe on the beach, ride a pedal boat on the Black Sea, sit by the fire in the forest. Fragments of a telecast from space: cosmonauts of the USSR A. G. Nikolaev and P. R. Popovich aboard the Vostok-3 spacecraft. A. G. Nikolaev and P. R. Popovich descend the plane, walk to the podium, greet the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee NS Khrushchev and members of the USSR government. The greeters greet the astronauts. Cosmonauts A. G. Nikolaev and P. R. Popovich are driving through the streets of Moscow. Nikita Khrushchev, Yu. A. Gagarin, A. G. Nikolaev, P. R. Popovich on the podium of the Mausoleum greeting the demonstrators on Red Square.
I. Genina
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extractive industry
, economic communications
, scientific connections
, the great patriotic war
, rural settlements
, nature
, holiday demonstrations
, public leisure facilities
, telecommunication
, medical industry
, international trade
, tourism
, animal world
, resorts
, fur and fur industry
, cities
, medicine
, cosmonautics
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