For the Soviet Union Number 12

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Steppe. Cracked ground. Cotton field. Laying of plastic sheeting at the bottom of the channel to retain water in the channel. Polyethylene pipes are used to irrigate fields. Airplane over a cotton field. Cotton harvesters are working. Transport and stacking of cotton by machines. Work on electronic calculating machines. Academician A. I. Berg at his desk. Books: "Biological aspects of cybernetics", "General theory of radio engineering". Berg's photographs in childhood and adolescence. Rewarding and congratulations to the academician on the title of Hero of Socialist Labor in connection with the 70th anniversary. AI Berg with his wife and little daughter is walking along the street of winter Moscow. Leo Tolstoy's estate in Yasnaya Polyana. Rooms. Pictures, books. Pages of the manuscript of the novel "War and Peace". Exhibition at the Leo Tolstoy Museum in Moscow for the 100th anniversary of the beginning of work on the novel "War and Peace". Illustrations. The first editions of the novel. The city of Uglich. Monuments of ancient Russian architecture. Types of modern Uglich: TV tower, embankments. The building and assembly shop of the watch factory. New model of women's watch "Enchantress". Ukrainian village of Sosnitsa. Memorial plaque on the house where A.P. Dovzhenko was born. Internal view of the hut. Yu. I. Solntseva, wife and associate of Dovzhenko, on the set of the film "The Enchanted Desna". Volga river. Composer M. G. Fradkin, author of the song "The Volga Flows", at the piano. The song is performed by L. G. Zykina (synchronously).
S. Repnikov
Film ID
, water use
, instrumentation
, exhibitions
, architecture
, chemical industry
, museums
, landscapes
, awards
, cities
, air transport
, plant growing
, scientific literature
, fiction
, music
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