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The film tells about the Soviet exhibition on the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, which were exhibited in Oslo (Norway), Thessaloniki (Greece), Hanoi (Vietnam). Moscow. The main pavilion of VDNKh. Fountain "Friendship of Peoples". Pavilion "Atomic Energy for Peaceful Purposes". Visitors at the demonstration nuclear reactor. Hall for the use of radioactive isotopes. Nuclear icebreaker "Lenin". Model of the atomic icebreaker "Lenin" at an exhibition in Greece. Atomic section of the USSR pavilion in Greece. Nuclear reactor. Scheme of a fast neutron nuclear power plant. Nuclear power plant model. Stand "Atom for Medicine". An installation that measures the natural radiation of the human body. Stand "Atom in Agriculture". Model of the thermonuclear research facility "Alpha". Thermonuclear installation "Ogre". Prime Minister of Greece Karamanlis at the exhibition. Entry in the visitors' book. Norway. The city of Thessaloniki. Landscape: lake, mountains, waterfall, stormy river. Oslo city. Town hall building. City streets, park. Advertising of the atomic exhibition. Placement of exhibits, installation of a manipulator. Exhibits telling about atomic defense. The main hall of the exhibition. Grand opening. Gustav Shostad, Minister of Industry of Norway, cuts the tape. Visitors to the exhibits. Demonstration of manipulator work. Laying wreaths at the monument to Soviet soldiers. Vietnam. The landscape of the mountains. Lake. A village on the banks of the river. Streets of Hanoi. Cyclists are going. USSR pavilion. Visitors to the exhibits. Vietnamese monks at the exhibition. Photos of K. E. Voroshilov and Ho Chi Minh at the exhibition. A visit to the exhibition by the Prime Minister of the Republic Pham Van Dong. Record in the Book of Honorary Visitors. Presentation of a commemorative gift to the 100,000th visitor to the exhibition. Demonstration in the streets of Hanoi against the deployment of missile bases in foreign territories.
D. Bogolepov
Film ID
scientific connections
, exhibitions
, landscapes
, cities
, borbazamir
Number of Parts
D. Gasyuk, A. Kairov, I. Kasatkin
Other Creators
Screenplay P. Egurnov, V. Morev
Release Date
Has Sound

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