Foreign Chronicle Number 5

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Vietnam. Landscapes of the sea, coast, sunset. Ancient architecture building. Field. The peasants plow the land. Production processes at one of the industrial enterprises. Czechoslovakia. Vietnamese students in the classroom at one of the higher educational institutions. Vietnamese workers are being trained at industrial enterprises, including at the Zheleznobrodsk Glass Factory. Sri Lanka. Sailing ships at sea. Fishermen with their catch on the shore. Tourists on the street of one of the cities. Street Cafe. Consequences of clashes between Sinhalese and Tamils: a crashed plane, injured in a hospital. Armed representatives of the [Tamil group] on a city street. Helicopter in the air. The killed, including the child. Funeral of the victims of the conflict. France. Dance floor equipped with a special musical device built into the floor. The dancers step on the musical squares, the music sounds. South Korea. International "Show of Miracles". Competition in the "art of combat". Competitors break bricks with their heads, hammer nails in with their hands, hit themselves on the head with bottles. The young man breaks a brick and a stick on the boy's head. USA. California. Festival of artistic whistles.
T. Skabard
Film ID
scientific connections
, leisure
, economic communications
, fishing
, architecture
, public leisure facilities
, public catering
, sea transport
, military conflicts
, entertainment
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, glass industry
, professional education
, music
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There is no data
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