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Rallies and demonstrations of protest against the US aggression in Vietnam in Tokyo (Japan) at the US Embassy, in Washington (USA) at the walls of the White House, in Potsdam (Germany) in front of the American military mission. Poland. Auschwitz. The territory of the concentration camp. Rally in honor of the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Present: former prisoners of the camp, Soviet soldiers who liberated the camp. Jozef Tsirankiewicz speaking. Romania. Construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Ardesh River. Ghana. Coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Seaport Theme. Unloading ships. City Theme. Construction of new houses. New residential areas. Refinery. Poland, Warsaw. Bolshoi Theater: building, theater premises - control panel for light and sound installations, assembly and decoration workshops, stage, orchestra pit, costume making workshop. Rehearsal of the ballet "Pan Tvardovsky". Czechoslovakia, Nitra. Architectural monuments. New residential areas. Agricultural Institute. Great Britain. Launch of the British Admiral tanker at the Vickers-Amstrong shipyard. Queen Elizabeth II is present at the ceremony. Australia. Shark hunter Rodney Fox on a boat in the ocean while hunting for sharks. Sharks in the ocean. France. Singer Sh. Aznavour at the piano, at a concert, sings (synchronously).
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the second world war
, hydropower
, fishing
, petrochemical industry
, architecture
, building
, sea transport
, stage
, animal world
, shipbuilding industry
, landscapes
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, borbazamir
, music
, art
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