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Romania. August 23, 1961. 17th anniversary of the liberation of Romania from fascism. City of Bucharest. Festive demonstration, sports parade. Government on the podium, including G. Gheorghiu Dej. Hungary. Construction of the Druzhba oil pipeline. Laying and welding of pipes in one of the sections. Bulgaria. Mountainous area Buzludzha. Opening of the monument to the first revolutionaries and heroes of the partisan struggle. Meeting. Poland. Vistula river. Movement of ships. Settlement on the banks of the river. Streets, buildings. Children play in the courtyard of the house. Production processes at a chemical plant. The processes of smelting, rolling and casting of metal at the metallurgical plant in Novaya Guta. Sulfur deposit in the Tarnobrzeg area. Japan, the city of Tokyo. Polio epidemic. Unloading a plane with a Soviet polio vaccine. Vaccination of children at preventive vaccination points. Disinfection of the area with a prophylactic solution. Hungary. Lake Balaton. Ferry movement. Rest houses. Sanatorium. Vacationers swim, sunbathe. Yachts on the lake. China. Xinghe Lake. Rocks on the shores of the lake. The artist draws rocks from nature. Spain. One of the varieties of bullfighting - bulls on the streets of the city, everyone can fight with a bull. Bullfighters show their skills to the public. The bull throws one of the youths on the horns. Collision of two bulls. The death of one of the bullfighters. Czechoslovakia. Women's European Rowing Championships. Rewarding Soviet athletes.
V. Sharapova
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scientific connections
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, metallurgy
, dam
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