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Mexico, Mexico City. Visitors examine the exhibits of the Soviet exhibition, get acquainted with the achievements of the Soviet Union in the field of science, technology and culture. Among those present: President of the United Mexican States AO Mateos, First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AI Mikoyan. Iraq, Baghdad. The plane is flying on the new Budapest-Baghdad route. Types of city streets. China, Luoyang. A rally on the square to mark the launch of the Luoyang Tractor Plant, built with the help of Soviet specialists. View of the workshops of the plant. Tractors in the yard. Germany East, Germany West. The city of Hamburg, Leipzig. Demonstration of students in Hamburg, Leipzig against the intention of the French government to conduct atomic tests in the Sahara. France. View of the Malpasse Dam. A landscape of a flooded area. Ruined houses. The city of Frejus is flooded with water. Belgium, Brussels. The strike of car owners protesting against the rise in gasoline prices. The police arrest the strikers. France, Paris. Museum of the writer Gonore de Balzac. Interior view of the rooms. The writer's manuscripts are on the table. Cambodia. Snake hunting. The hunter carries a snake, puts it in a cage. They take poison from the snake. USA. The eruption of the Mauna Loa volcano in the Hawaiian Islands. Germany West. Motorball competitions. Players ride motorcycles across the field.
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