Foreign Tourists in the USSR

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Belarus. Minsk city. July-August 1957. The streets of the town. Administrative and residential buildings, including: Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, department store, hotel "Belarus". Sculpture "Lenin and Stalin". Monument to Victory. Monument to S.I.Gritsevets. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Foreign tourists visiting the city, including: spouses Grail (France), spouses Flatlee (UK) and others. The area of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Territory, buildings. Foreign tourists talk to workers. One of the sections of the border between the Russian Federation and Belarus. Border posts with the words "RSFSR", "USSR". Bus traffic with French tourists. Tourists at the border post. City of Brest. July 14-16, 1957. Destroyed Brest Fortress. Ruined church. The Bug river. Bridge over river. Polish and Soviet border guards on the bridge. Passenger cars of French and English tourists pass through the bridge. Tourists talk with border guards. The city of Smolensk. July 13, August 26, 1957. Country highway. Streets, buildings of the city. Smolensk Kremlin. Assumption Cathedral. Monuments: M.I.Kutuzov, Heroes of 1812, composer M.I. Glinka. The graves of the heroes of the Second World War. Tourists visiting the sights of the city, including J. Haldir, C. Kameng, P. Simon, V. Westepra (Great Britain). Smolensk region. Landscapes of the Dnieper River. Ukraine. August 1957. Border post with the inscription "Ukrainian SSR". Kharkiv city. Streets, buildings, including those destroyed during the Second World War. Department store. Bookstall. Transport and pedestrian traffic. The territory of the Kharkov Tractor Plant. Moscow region. The city of Zagorsk. August 20, 1957. Trinity-Sergeev Lavra. Churches, cathedrals of the lavra. Believers, clergymen on the territory of the Lavra. Tourists visiting the sights of the Lavra, including tourists from Norway, Germany. Crimea. The south coast of Crimea. August 27 - September 9, 1957. Tourists - the Knopp brothers (FRG) visit the Kurnaty sanatorium, take a boat trip. Spouses Janton (France) swim in the sea, take a boat trip. Landscapes of Crimea. Moscow region. Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum. September 1957. Palace. The park. Chapel. Sculpture of Catherine II. Monument to A.S. Pushkin. Grotto. Museum expositions. Tourists on excursions, accompanied by a guide. Moscow city. July-August 1957. Sverdlov Square. Cars of tourists from Great Britain. Moscow city. July-August 1957. Red Square. The representative of the British automobile travel agency Mr. Hayes gives an interview to the representative of Intourist (synchronously in English).
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the second world war
, cultural connections
, automobile transport
, architecture
, wars of the 19th century
, spa assistance
, christianity
, state trade
, germanywestern
, higher education
, tractor machine building
, territory
, automotive industry
, sculpture
, border troops
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M. Prudnikov, Yu. Borodyaev
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