Forest Battle

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The film tells about the work of the aviation forest guard, which maintains its guard watch in hard-to-reach taiga regions. Filmed by order of the State Forestry Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers. First part. Mixed forest types in summer and autumn. Birch and oak groves. Pinery. Spruce forest. An airplane, a helicopter, a seaplane of the air forest protection are flying over the forest. Smoke in one of the forest areas. The pilot of the forest guard service receives a message on the radio, draws up a map of the fire. Firefighters in the aircraft cabin put on protective masks, jump out of the plane with parachutes into a smoky forest area. The pilot in the cockpit reports on the landing of a group of firefighters (sync.). Firefighters in the forest conduct reconnaissance of the fire, extinguish the fire with the help of knapsack forest sprayers and spruce branches, bury the burning edge of the fire. A group of young people in the woods near the fire. The young man plays the guitar. The young man floods the fire of a dying fire. Tourists are walking along a forest trail. Burning trees and bushes. The signalman transmits a message with a request for the landing of troops (sync.). The instructor draws a barrier strip on the map. Firefighters are clearing the route for the barrier strip: they cut down young trees, remove dead wood and dead wood. Firefighters descend from a helicopter on special launching devices into the area of a forest fire. The deployment of boxes with explosives along the barrier strip using a helicopter. The firefighter is opening the boxes, laying out the cord charges. Explosions of cord charges. The second part of. Firefighters anneal the support strip with birch bark torches and signal candles. The instructor goes around the smoky areas of the forest. The head of the operations department in the helicopter speaks into a special loud-speaking device (sync.). The seaplane lands on the surface of the river. Firefighters in a rubber boat swim up to the shore, disembark, unwind the hose, extinguish a ground fire with a spray of water. After stopping the fire, firefighters eliminate pockets inside the fire with the help of knapsack sprayers using a special emulsion and wetting agents. View of the forest area in which the fire was extinguished. The head of the operational department talks with firefighters in the forest. Firefighters get into a helicopter and return to the base. The sentinels wave after the departing helicopter, bypassing the fire zone. A firefighter plane with a team of firefighters on board flies over the forest. Smoky areas of the forest. Firefighters parachute jump from the plane. Firefighters extinguish the fire with knapsack sprayers. Digger digs a trench in the forest. Birch leaves sway in the wind. Forest glade of mixed forest. Oak Grove. Pinery.
Film ID
, air transport
, fire protection
, vegetable world
Number of Parts
K. Stepanov
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Kuksova, sound engineer I. Nifonova, editor G. Shaposhnikova, consultants B. Artsybashev, M. Chervonny
Release Date
Has Sound

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