Forest Story Wald Marchen

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The film tells about the wild inhabitants of the forest. Beavers occupy a special place in the film. They are called "beaver people" and "forest builders". The film is dedicated to the hidden little-known life of these animals. 1 part. Winter landscape of forest and river. General view of the hut of beavers under the snow. The wolf approaches the hut covered with snow, sniffs at it. The elk comes out from the trees. An owl sits on a tree branch, a hare runs along the edge of the forest. The wolf howls. Fish in the river under the ice. The pike lurked under a snag in the river. The beaver swims under water, swims to the entrance to the hole. A family of beavers in a burrow. The wolf returns to the beaver's hut, covered with snow, digs the snow. Beavers in their burrow sense danger. A beaver swims under water, gets out of the water through an ice-hole. The wolf smells prey goes to the river, howls (sinhr.). Beaver dives into the ice hole, swims under water. Spring landscape of forest and river. Snow melts, ice floats on the river, migratory birds return. One of the ducks sits on the shore near the water, another duck swims towards it. Part 2. Duck and drake swim near the river bank. Black grouse in a forest glade. Black cocks and grouses flocked to the mowing (sync.) Spring floods. Water floods the burrows of animals. Raccoons leave the hole. The little raccoon is carried away by water, he tries to swim, climbs onto the island, but the water washes him away and he drowns. The water floods the burrows and huts of beavers, which have nowhere to hide. The kite sits on a branch, observes the events, looks out for the victim. Summer has come. Nature in bloom: apple trees are blooming. Primroses appear, dandelions, lilies of the valley, etc. bloom. The squirrel crawls out of the hollow. The squirrel crawls out of the hollow. Fox cubs get out of the hole into the sun, fiddle with each other. Fawns by a forest stream. Mother of a beaver with cubs in a burrow by the river. One of the beavers is trying to escape from the mother into the river. Beaver pulls him out of the river, carries him in his teeth to the shore, to the burrow. Part 3. Landscapes of forests and rivers. A panorama of the beaver village, which consists of a whole system of dams that rise higher and higher along the river, as well as huts and burrows. Beavers build a large dam from spring to late autumn, repair hut roofs and restore dams damaged by floods, deepen canals, and build dams. A panorama of the fellings left by beavers in place of trees. The beaver gnaws the trunk of a young aspen, the aspen falls. A beaver with an aspen floats along the river to the construction site. The wolf walks along the river bank to the dam construction site, sniffs. A beaver on a dam, a wolf gets close to a beaver, a beaver jumps into the water, swims along the river. The wolf runs up to the beaver, when it gets out on the shore, sniffs at it. Tries to grab. The beaver does not allow the wolf, but the wolf chooses a convenient moment and grabs the beaver by the skin. The prey is caught. Part 4. Landscape of the forest and the river. General view of the dam built by beavers. They are beavers with their mother in a burrow, gnawing aspen branches harvested by a beaver. Beavers dive from their holes into the water and come back. They develop the qualities of tireless swimmers. Beavers swim, get out on the shore, take care of their wool: they comb it, grease it so that the fur does not let water through. A mother beaver among her cubs. The fox runs through the forest, runs along the river bank, watches the beavers swimming in the river, tries to attack the beaver, but nothing comes of it and runs away. The danger lies in wait for the beaver in the river. A pike follows them from the depths. She attacks one of the beavers, grabs him. Beaver is looking for her cubs, which swam away from her along the river arms. Part 5. Landscape of the forest and the river. Beavers are sailing along the river. The mother-beaver is looking for cubs: she searches all the corners of the hole, sets off along the river, but mistakenly, swims along the other branch of the river, does not find the beavers and returns home. She-bear with cubs in the forest, on the banks of the river. Bear cubs are fussing on the shore, splashing in the water. Beavers, who have set off on a journey, walk through the forest, meet a snake. An owl sits on a tree branch, watching the beavers. A she-bear with cubs in the forest near a fallen pine trunk. Beavers on the lawn, basking in the sun. The cubs are busy in the meadow, meet beavers, sniff at them. Part 6. Anxiety in the forest due to an impending thunderstorm. Forest landscape before a thunderstorm. General view of a stormy sky. Lightning Thunder. The dogs run barking through the forest, followed by the wolf. Animals scatter from the impending thunderstorm: a fox, roe deer, a bear with cubs. Beavers are hiding in the hollow of a tree. Fire in the forest. The smoke spreads through the forest, the beavers make their way into the mink, the beavers flee from the fire. One of the beavers is covered by a fallen burning tree. An owl sits on a branch of a tree engulfed in flames. The fire is approaching the beaver dams, the huts. Beavers get out of the hut, swim along the river - the only place of their salvation. Roe deer, hares, fox and bears flee from the fire. Burning trees are falling. One of the bears rushes into the river. The beaver left alone gets out to the river, swims, meets its mother in the river, and they swim together. Autumn and winter landscapes of the forest. A family of beavers in a burrow. Beavers gnaw on branches.
A. Zguridi, V. Bugaev
Film ID
phenomena of nature
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, biology
, zoology
Number of Parts
P. Utochkin, N. Yurushkina
Other Creators
Titles B. Vasiliev, Director-editor N. Dzugutova, Artists: N. Mironovich, N. Shchegoleva, Scientific consultant professor P.A. Petryaev, Filming consultants: V. Krinitsky, L. Lavrov, V. Poyarkov, E. Shubin, Sound engineer A. Mashistov, Music V. Oransky
Release Date
Has Sound

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