Forties Fatal Film Program XX Century Film 3 - Maybe There Was No War

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The film was shot with the participation of firms from West Berlin, Japan, Austria Newsreel. Fighting during the Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943). General F. Paulus under interrogation. Streets of London. Foreign Minister A. Eden is speaking. W. Churchill and F. Roosevelt at the negotiating table. Military operations of British troops in North Africa; expeditionary corps in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia. Breaking the blockade of Leningrad (1943). Types of Leningrad after the lifting of the blockade. Fighting in the area of Orel and Kursk (1943). The actions of partisans in Russia on the railroad ("rail war"), Italy. V. M. Molotov's visits to London and Washington (1942). MI Kalinin signs the Treaty of Friendship. Types of Rome during the war: B. Mussolini in his office; leaves the plane to meet A. Hitler. Tanks on the streets of Rome. Residents greet American soldiers. Tehran (1943), Yalta (1945) conferences. Conference participants W. Churchill, F. Roosevelt, I. V. Stalin. Opening of the second front (July 1944). Liberation of the city of Paris. General de Gaulle walks along the line of the French troops. Types of Berlin in 1944. I. Goebbels among the inhabitants of the city. A. Hitler talks at the hospital with the wounded. The film provides information about the attempt on A. Hitler, among the participants in the attempt on the life of V. Schulenburg. Russia. Belarusian offensive operation (1944). Liberation of the city of Vitebsk, Minsk, Kiev, Sevastopol and others by the Soviet Army. Combat operations and liberation from the German troops of Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia; Vienna. Prisoners of the Auschwitz concentration camp. City of Karlhorst. May 1945 V. Keitel signed the Act of Germany's unconditional surrender. Among those present are W. Churchill, G. Truman, J. V. Stalin. The film includes shooting by Gheorghiu Deja, V. Gomulka, V. Pieck, K. Gottwald; speaking (synchronously): W. Churchill Jr., F. Roosevelt, V. Jaruzelsky, R. Medvedev, writer G. Salisbury, D. S. Likhachev. Types of cities in the late 1980s - 1990s of Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Krakow, Vienna, Leningrad.
Yu. Kobrin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
Number of Parts
A. Berkovich, A. Kulidzhanov, E. Timlin
Other Creators
Program Manager V. Lisakovich
Release Date
Has Sound

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