Four in a Boat Excursion Along the Volga From Nizhny Novgorod to Astrakhan

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The staged film tells about the journey of the crew of the sailing ship "Society of Proletarian Tourism (Ts. S. O. PT.) Along the Volga. Ia. View of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. The steamer stands on the pier" Nizhny Novgorod ", in the background - houses. View of the Volga, pier, residential buildings, the Alekseevskaya church, the Annunciation monastery. Oar boats stand on the shore, tourists with tourist equipment go to the boats, sit in the sailboat of the "Society of proletarian tourism." Sailboat with tourists sails from the coast. View of Nizhny Novgorod from the Volga - a panorama. The pier, the Kremlin, houses on the shore. The sailboat sails off the coast of Nizhny Novgorod. Types of shores - sandy beaches, trees, bushes. The sailboat sails along the Volga among wooded banks. Tourist Bauman smokes in a boat, makes notes in a notebook. Tourist Katya lies on pillows in boat, reads. Tourist Ivan Ivanovich controls a sailboat. Tourist Petya Zertsev controls a sailboat. A herd of sheep grazes on the shore. The steamer "Karl Marx" sails along the Volga. Panorama through the pines on the shore river gu - Mari region. Forest raftsmen at work. Logs float along the Volga. Church, residential buildings on the shore - a sailboat sails past the Mariinsky Posad (Mari region). View of Cheboksary from the Volga. Passers-by on the street in the center of Cheboksary, wooden houses, a church, power lines, a panorama of the Volga. Tourist Bauman with a movie camera is walking down the street. The building of the Vvedensky Cathedral. Katya and Ivan Ivanovich enter the church, go out. The building of the Chuvash Central Museum, located in the building of the Assumption Church. Four tourists enter the museum. Katya and Bauman are fishing in a boat. Volga open spaces. Kazan, general view of the Monument to the conquest of Kazan. View of the center of Kazan. Kazan Kremlin, Cathedral of the Annunciation. Ib. G. Kazan, the building of the State University named after V. I. Ulyanov - Lenin. - portrait of V. I. Lenin on the roof above the entrance to the university. Printing house, a printing press is working, a worker at work at the press. The steamer is sailing along the Volga, passengers are sitting in chairs on the deck. View of the Volga from a high hill. Wooden pier on the shore, wooden houses on the slope. Ulyanovsk, view of the building of the House-Museum of V.I. Lenin. Tourists from the sailboat enter the museum building. The interiors of the House-Museum. Panorama along the pier, an inscription on the wooden building of the Ulyanovsk river station. Types of Zhigulevsky mountains. Birds sit on rocks along the banks of the Volga. Katya in the boat raises her gun, shoots at the birds, the birds fly away. The men in the sailboat are playing dominoes. View of Tsarev's Kurgan. Tourists from a sailboat fish on the shore. Katya cooks food at the stake. Ivan Ivanovich eats porridge by the fire. Panorama along the Volga banks. Rest houses, on the high banks of the Volga - sanatoriums, dachas. View of Samara on the banks of the Volga, steamers at the pier, a barge is sailing. IIa. Steep Volga banks, lonely trees, cave entrance. A group of tourists stands on the shore, tourists go up to the rocks, enter the cave. Cave walls. Stalactites illuminated by a lantern. Tourists walk through the cave. Petya Zertsev is sitting on the bow of a boat sailing along the Volga, looking at the shore through binoculars. Panorama along the rocky shores. Views of the chalk mountains, in the foreground - houses on the shore. Types of Volsk, located on the banks of the Volga. View of one of the Volsk cement plants, smoke from the pipes. Carts with coal are lifted along the conveyor. Workers with carts run along the wooden flooring. A herd of cows, sheep graze on the banks of the Volga. Evening, milkmaids milk cows in the meadow. - milkmaids at work. Milk is poured into a can. View of the city of Saratov from a sailing ship. Barges sail along the Volga. Tourists dine on the boat - they eat cookies, canned fish. Windmills on the shore, wooden houses. Smoke from the chimneys of factories. Portrait of I.V. Stalin. General view of the territory of the Stalingrad Tractor Plant "Gigant". Workshop work. Workers assembling the tractor. The inscription on the tractor "First SGZ of the conveyor". The ceremonial departure of the STZ tractor from the territory of the plant. View of the Volga at sunset. The moon is reflected in the waters of the Volga, a ship is sailing. Bonfire on the shore, the moon. Tourists are sitting by the fire. A flock of birds takes off in the thickets above the water. IIb. Wild geese are flying over the thickets off the banks of the Volga. The roof of a Buddhist temple - Khosheutovsky khurul (Rechnoye village, Kharabalinsky district, Astrakhan region, architect Batur-Ubashi, 1818). Monks sit in the temple, ringing bells. - the faces of the monks. The tractor is driving across the field. The sailboat is sailing in the Volga delta. Fishermen throw a fishing net from a rowing boat into the Volga. Fishermen pull the net with fish ashore. Fishermen with jails pull fish from boats to the pier, women collect fish. - the mass of the fish. Women on the shore are butchering fish. Two girls cut the fish, put it in wooden barrels. General view of the fish processing workshop. Wooden barrels with fish in the yard of the Volgo-Caspian Rybtrest. The sailboat comes up to Astrakhan. Types of Astrakhan. The steamer "Dawn of Communism" is sailing. Steamers at the pier. A sailboat with tourists moors to the pier of Astrakhan. Tourists are unloading things from a sailboat, in the background - steamers are sailing. Panorama along the walls of the Astrakhan Kremlin. Tourists with their belongings are walking along Astrakhan street. Citizens on the streets of Astrakhan. The building of the railway station "Astrakhan", loaders are at the entrance. Tourists enter the train carriage. Steam locomotive pipes smoke. The locomotive rides along the railroad in the steppe.
N. Prozorovsky
Film ID
, railroad transport
, fishing
, collective farms
, architecture
, livestock
, river transport
, religion
, christianity
, museums
, tourism
, landscapes
, cities
, hunting
, buddhism
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L. Sazonov
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