Free Havana

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The film tells about the journey of the Cubans on the motor ship "Georgia"; about the sights of Havana. Part 1 (b / w) Motor ship "Georgia", going to about. Cuba: people are on the deck; a Cuban jazz orchestra is performing; Cuban boys and girls perform the Cuban Mozambique dance; the Cuban beauty queen working as a nurse in the hospital, Maria Della Sanchilos Vega poses for a photo, gives interviews; several men with cameras take pictures of a jazz band and dancing people. American aircraft Vought F6U "Pirate" flies over the motor ship "Georgia". A man in military uniform, a participant in the military actions of the Cuban Rebel Army against the US military intervention in April 1961, with a prosthetic hand, sits in a wheelchair on the deck of a motor ship; watching a flying American plane. about. Cuba. Landscapes of the island. O. Cuba, Havana. Streets of the city: cars are passing by, people are passing by. Revolution Square with the Jose Marti memorial. Cemetery named after Christopher Columbus: gravestone sculptures; crypts in the cemetery (original position - 256.1 m). 2 part (color) o. Cuba, Havana. View of the city from the observation deck. Cars are moving along the city street; people pass. Memorial to Jose Martí at Revolution Square. Prado Boulevard: Capitol and Grand Theater buildings in Havana. Monument to Jose Martí in Central Park; vacationers in the park. Along the street, two men are leading a goat harnessed to a cart with children. City Zoo: visitors pass through the territory; aviary with flamingos; peacocks; aviary with crocodiles; aviary with iguanas; sea turtles swim in the pool at the zoo; children look at fish in the aquarium; a boy stands at the aquarium with a shark. Vacationers in bathing suits by the pool of a multi-storey hotel. One-story houses. Children play in the playground on one of the streets of the city. Students of the Institute of Pedagogy. A.S. Makarenko are at the bus stop. A bus arrives, NDP by bus: "INSTITUTO PEDAGOGICO MAKARENKO". Beach with palm trees; vacationers on the beach. The flag of Cuba flies from a flagpole. Motor ship "Georgia", going to the island. Cuba. On the deck of the ship: jazz orchestra; dancing people; a man in military uniform, a participant in the military actions of the Cuban Rebel Army against the armed intervention of the United States in April 1961 (pos. orig. - 236.5 m).
R. Dzhibladze
Film ID
road transport
, marine fleet
, relaxation
, architecture
, international relationships
, usa)
, foreign countries (cuba
Number of Parts
S. Shengelia
Other Creators
second script R. Dzhibladze, S. Shengelia
Release Date
Has Sound

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