Freedom Has Come to West Irian

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New Guinea Island. Exotic plants in the jungle with flowers, fruits. Pacific coast, palm trees. City of Kotabaru. City market, villas of wealthy Dutchmen, gas station, prison. Coastal fishing village, residents are engaged in household chores. A man cuts down the jungle for a plot of land. Fishermen catch fish, make a boat out of wood. Church. Mission building. Missionaries are standing. The plane with missionaries (and the film's author V. Kopalin) lands in a remote area of the island, in a remote village. Women in clothes woven from grass; a man works the land with a wooden stake; the boy shoots from a bow; stone ax - a tool of labor; shells replacing money. City of Kotabaru, May 1, 1963: Official ceremony of the transfer of West Irian from the UN to the government of Indonesia. A UN representative and a representative of the Indonesian government bypass UN troops. Indonesian Foreign Minister Subandrio speaking. Lowering the UN flag; Indonesian flag. UN troops are passing by leaving West Irian. Stay of the President of Indonesia Sukarno in West Irian. A ceremonial meeting at the city stadium in Kotabaru. Sukarno speaks. Representatives of the tribes of West Irian are present.
V. Kopalin, K. Eggers
Film ID
national liberation movements
, nature
, fishing
, religion
, protection of the state building
, international organizations
, trade
, home life
Number of Parts
V. Kopalin
Other Creators
Sound D. Ovsyannikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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