Freedom Walk

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Guinea-Bissau. Soldiers are passing by. The leader of the Eastern Front, Oswald, talks with the leader of the Southern Front, Nino. Negroes work on plantations, carry a white man on a stretcher. Arrival on the ship of the President of Portugal Amerilo Tomaso. Handing over to the president symbolic keys from the country. Another report of the radio station "Liberation" about the war in Guinea-Bissau. Headquarters in Conakry. Printing of the newspaper "Libertation". Party General Secretary Amilcar Cabral talks with Soviet journalists (synchronously). Soldiers of the people's militia. K. Lucet teaches girls to shoot. Military Council of the Northern Front, headed by Luis Cabral. Captured Portuguese soldiers. Interview with the Portuguese soldier Velodo Branio, who went over to the side of the patriots (synchronously). Tabanka is a Guinean village. Residents of the village at work, at home. Carmen Pereira, Political Commissioner for Civilian Work, in the Tabanka. Party committee of tabania. Council of Elders. Children in the classroom at school. Teaching soldiers to read and write. Exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Army. Exposition of the exhibition. Meeting in honor of friendship with the Soviet Union. Speakers are speaking. Execution of the "Internationale". Boarding school for children. Children are engaged in gymnastics in the classroom. Carriage shop. People exchange goods. Work in the field. Children and women sift and thresh grain. The Portuguese are loading flyers on planes and dropping them at the patriotic camp. Burning huts. Funnels from bombs. A shard from a napalm bomb. Jungle hospital. The doctor gives interviews (synchronously). The wounded in the wards. Soldiers pass through the jungle, are ferried by boats. Cover groups led by Irenio and Kemo Mane. The soldiers camouflaged themselves, set up a weapon. Shooting at the Binta garrison. The airfield is on fire. Bissau.
Yu. Egorov
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school education
, international connections
, everyday life
, printing
, broadcasting
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, medical service
, armed forces
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A. Babajan
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