French Chronicle

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France. [United Congress of Old Workers Protesting Against Small Pensions]. Congress participants in the meeting room. Speakers (synchronously): J. Duclos, [A. Barbusse]. City of Paris. City street. The movement of the car, pedestrians. Train Station. Passengers with suitcases walk along the platform, board the train. The conductor at the carriage. The movement of cyclists on a suburban highway. One of the seaside resorts. Vacationers on the beach. Adults and children bathe, sunbathe, read newspapers, play active comic games. Hotel building. The plot is dedicated to R. Rolland. G. Clamcy. Views and panorama of the city from the top point. Ancient architecture buildings. R. Rolland street. R. Rolland's house. R. Rolland is walking down the street of the city, talking with a man, greeting the townspeople. Demonstration by French communists. Demonstrators carry flags of the USSR and France. Collection. J. Duclos speaking. R. Rolland welcomes J. Duclos and other participants in the meeting, gives autographs. Behind the scenes, the songs "Through the valleys and over the hills", "The morning greets us with coolness" in Russian are played. Folk boat competitions (rowers of opposite boats are trying to push each other with poles).
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social and political movement
, labor
, communist parties
, leisure
, automobile transport
, national sport
, everyday life
, spa assistance
, cycling
, railway transport
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