French Newsreel Eclair №43

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France. The wreckage of a collapsed house. Firefighters dismantle the rubble. France, Paris. Chevrolet trucks are passing through the streets. France. The building of the Palais de Ville. Members of the Belgian delegation are in the palace. Opening of the "House of the Belgian Invalids". The audience in the square near the Arc de Triomphe. Veterans are walking along the street, disabled people in wheelchairs are passing by. France, Paris. View of the construction of the Eastern Station. The laying of the first stone in the foundation of the station in the presence of Minister A. Tardieu. The audience on the platform of the railway station. Standing: R. Poincaré, Minister A. Tardieu. R. Poincaré, A. Tardieu are in the car. The train travels on the new railway through the Vosges mountains. Tunnel. Bridge. Rural landscape. Vintage. A woman is pounding grapes in a vat. Germany. Review of the troops. Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg bypasses the troops. USA. State of Florida. A man and a woman are kissing underwater. Boxing match underwater. Czechoslovakia, Prague. National Guard troops parade. Denmark, Copenhagen. Funeral of the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna, mother of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. A coffin on a hearse. There is a group of grand dukes. Among them are the Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich.
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, armed forces
, automobile transport
, international connections
, sports
, government
, entertainment
, fire protection
, cities
, railway transport
, plant growing
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