Friendship and Peace Festival

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The film tells about the V International Film Festival of Asia, Africa and Latin America, held in the capital of the Uzbek SSR, Tashkent from May 23 to June 1, 1978. The plane is landing, landing on the airfield of the airport in Tashkent. Pioneers with flowers in their hands meet the participants of the film festival, descending the plane. NDP. Soviet filmmakers hugging foreign colleagues on the airfield. Fontana on Khadra Square, in the background - the building of the circus. Guests of the film festival are walking from the building of the hotel "Uzbekistan" with the emblem of the film festival on the facade of "Tashkent -76", smiling. Girls on the street presenting flowers to the participants of the film festival. Filmmakers visiting the sights of Tashkent. Guests are drinking tea from bowls. Among the guests is the actress Margarita Terekhova. Opening ceremony of the festival. Candidate member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, 1st Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan T.N. Rashidov reads a greeting from the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee L.I. Brezhnev. Those present in the hall applauded. Children present flowers to the participants of the film festival on stage, among the participants - Sergei Appolinarievich Gerasimov, Stanislav Iosifovich Rostotsky, film actress Tamara Fedorovna Makarova. S.G. Gerasimov, S.I. Rostotsky and guests of the festival carry a basket of flowers to the monument to V.I. Lenin. Posters of films presented at the film festival, installed at the hotel "Uzbekistan". Participants of the festival, including the Indian actor Raj Kapoor, are passing by. A fragment of one of the creative conferences. Fragments of the discussion of the participants of the film festival. Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov speaks at a creative conference. SA Gerasimov speaks at the conference. A rally of solidarity with the people of Chile, the participants are holding posters "We are patriots of Chile!", "Freedom to the patriots of Chile!" A guest from Chile is speaking. A rally of solidarity with the peoples of Africa, those present in the hall are holding a poster "Hello to the peoples of Africa who are fighting against imperialism, for freedom and independence!" Filmmakers at a picnic: there are VGIKA graduates working in different countries. Girls in Uzbek dresses, young men in white shirts greet a passing bus with guests. Guests are treated to Uzbek flatbreads. Newsreel footage. 1968 Opening of the 1st Asian and African Film Festival in Tashkent. Spectators in the hall. Guests of the film festival. 1972. The emblem of the 2nd film festival. Guests of the film festival at the entrance to the building. Spectators in the hall greet the participants of the film forum. Festival guests take the stage. 1974 Opening of the 3rd film festival, raising the flag "Tashkent -74" on the stage. 1976 Emblem of the 4th film festival "Tashkent -76", in which the countries of Latin America also began to take part. The flags of the participating countries are waving.
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