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A film about the international competition of professional skills of students of vocational schools by profession agricultural machine operator, which was held on the basis of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the Vocational School. Orlovsky in the Mogilev region of the Byelorussian SSR. The territory of the vocational school, specialized office and laboratories, a canteen, gyms, a hostel, workshops, a museum, a leisure center, outbuildings, fields, an autodrome. Students are involved in equestrian sports and motorcycle racing. Director of the school G. N. Malinovsky talks about the school. Participants of the international competition from the USSR, Vietnam, Cuba, East Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Mongolia participate in the opening ceremony, compete on tractors in the field, receive awards, and rest. Chairman of the USSR State Committee for Public Education GA Yagodin, Deputy Chairman of the USSR for People's Education Konkin, Deputy Chairman of the State Agricultural Industry Balandin are present at the opening and closing of the competition. Monument to K.M.Simonov in the field near the village. Buinichi, over which KM Simonov's ashes are scattered.
V. Yurlovsky
Film ID
the second world war
, cultural connections
, museums
, agriculture
, artistic activities
, professional education
, agricultural science
Number of Parts
K. Fedorovich, Yu. Shkundov
Other Creators
Scriptwriter - L. Borisova, consultants - V.P. Mitronin, L.A. Stavrovskaya, sound engineer - B. Kokin, editor - T. Uspenskaya.
Release Date
Has Sound

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