Friendship Is Friendship

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The film tells about the Mongolian-Soviet cooperation in the political, economic and military spheres. The film is in Mongolian. Part 1 Landscapes of Mongolia. Forests on the slopes of the mountains. River, forest on the plain. Waterfall. Birds over the river. A village at the foot of the mountains. Shepherds on horseback ride after the herd of horses. Ulan Bator city. Monument to D. Sukhe-Bator, the building of the government of the Mongolian People's Republic on the square of Sukhe-Bator. High-rise residential buildings. Buddhist temple. Administrative building. Citizens on the streets of Ulan Bator. The bus travels on the highway. Military parade and demonstration of workers in Ulan Bator: members of the government of the MPR on the podium; demonstrators carry posters with the inscription: "October 60", portraits of Leonid Brezhnev and Yuri Tsedenbal, a self-propelled platform with a portrait of Lenin and a poster depicting the cruiser "Aurora" is moving in the festive column. Old photographs reflecting the life of the Mongols before the revolutionary transformations of 1919-1924. The city of Leningrad. Peter-Pavel's Fortress. Cruiser Aurora". Smolny building; on the facade of the building there is a memorial plaque with the inscription: “Here in Smolny in the days of the Great October Socialist Revolution of 1917 the headquarters of the armed uprising of workers, soldiers and sailors was located. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin directly led the armed uprising. " Newsreel footage of the visit of the Soviet Party and Government delegation headed by the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev to the celebrations on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the III Congress of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party and the proclamation of the Mongolian People's Republic (1974, b / w): solemn meeting the Soviet delegation at the airport; Yu Tsedenbal welcomes Leonid Brezhnev at the plane ladder, Meeting of the Soviet delegation with the Mongolian party and state leaders; there are L.I.Brezhnev, A.A. Gromyko and others; a ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Mongolian People's Republic; LI Brezhnev makes a welcoming speech, Y. Tsedenbal presents LI Brezhnev with the Golden Star of the Honorary Citizen of the Republic, those present in the hall applaud, scan: "Friendship!" (sinhr.); National [Nadom holiday] at the stadium: Y. Tsedenbal speaks at the microphone; the audience is sitting on the podium under umbrellas; theatrical performance; competitions of wrestlers, archers, children's races; Yu Tsedenbal shoots from a bow. Newsreels (1974-1976, b / w): the construction of brick houses in the village. Part 2 City of Ulan Bator. Tank "T-34" from the tank brigade "Revolutionary Mongolia" on a concrete pedestal, the inscription on the pedestal: "Long live the military friendship of the Mongolian and Soviet people!" Memorial complex Zaisan in honor of the Mongol-Soviet victory at Khalkhin Gol. Yuri Tsedenbal lays flowers at the memorial. Pioneers, military, members of the public at the Eternal Flame. A guard of honor on the stairs leading to the obelisk in memory of the Soviet soldiers who died at Khalkhin Gol. Types of r. Khalkhin-Gol. Barbed wire, a damaged tank in the grass, wreckage of military equipment. Veterans of the battles on Khalkhin Gol inspect the lying cartridges, visit the memorial cemetery of the fallen soldiers. Landscapes of Mongolia: low mountains, the slopes of which are covered with vegetation. Excavator works in a quarry. A truck carries sand to an industrial facility under construction. A construction site where Soviet specialists work. Visual agitation at the stand of the winners of socialist competition. Erdenet city. Residential buildings, club building. On the facade of one of the buildings there is an inscription: "October 60", a portrait of K. Marx. Mongolian and Soviet women with children in the playground. Newsreel footage of battles on Khalkhin-Gol (1939, b / w): Mongolian border guards on camels inspect the bank of the Khalkhin-Gol river; columns of Japanese soldiers marching in the square; Japanese pilots listen to the commander's speech; movement and combat operations of the Japanese infantry, artillery, aviation; falling burning aircraft, explosions; Mongolian aircraft at the airfield; Japanese military aircraft are in the air, bombs are falling from the aircraft; combat operations of the Mongolian infantry, artillery, cavalry, tankers; Marshal H. Choibalsan and corps commander G.K. Zhukov at the command post. Newsreel footage of the Second World War 1941-1945 (b / w): German military aircraft in the air; explosions of houses in the village; poster "Motherland - Mother Calls!"; antiwar rallies of Mongolian residents; Mongolian women sew sheepskin coats, make felt boots for the soldiers of the Red Army; loading felt boots on trucks; a Mongolian worker carries a frozen pig to be sent to the front; Mongolian representatives hand over fur boots to the Soviet military; a volunteer detachment of the Mongolian army hands over its banner to the representatives of the Soviet command; pilots of the Mongolian Arat squadron (photo); Marshal H. Choibalsan speaks to the soldiers of the tank column "Revolutionary Mongolia"; tanks, including the Marshal Choibalsan tank, move along the road; combat operations of the Soviet infantry, artillery, aviation, tankers; a Mongolian officer writes on the shell: "Death to Hitler from the Mongols", passes the shell to a Soviet soldier; Katyushas are shooting; burning Reichstag. Newsreel footage of 1976 (b / w): Leonid Brezhnev's speech at the XXV Congress of the CPSU (sync., Behind the scenes); delegates in the hall; general view of the hall during the meeting of the congress. 3 part Mongolia. View of the road leading to the city. Transport traffic on the highway. View of the building of a factory for the production of sand-lime bricks. Trucks are entering the plant. Stacks of sand-lime bricks in the yard. The crane-beam carries the site with bricks. A cart loaded with bricks leaves the production building. Loading bricks onto a truck. The machine room of one of the thermal power plants. Station employees at the table of the station's central control room. A female engineer checks the operation of the equipment. The building of the tannery. On the facade of the building are portraits of the leaders of the Mongolian People's Republic. Workers in the shop lay out animal skins, cut leather clothes. Seamstresses work on sewing machines. Models demonstrate sheepskin coats made at the plant. Drive along the street of the village. Local residents on the street. Repair of one of the road sections; a road roller is working. A crane lifts a concrete slab. Workers and employees of the enterprise, including Soviet specialists, during a break, watching the performance of the Mongolian choreographic collective. An orchestra of folk instruments is playing. The audience applauded, presented the artists with bouquets of flowers. A street shield with photographs of L.I.Brezhnev and Yu.Tsedenbal, V.I. Lenin and Sukho-Bator. There is an inscription under the portraits: "Nairamdal". Monument to D. Sukhe-Bator in Ulan Bator. Newsreel footage of the XVII Congress of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (1976, b / w): Y. Tsedenbal, the leaders of the Mongolian People's Republic go to the presidium; among the members of the presidium - Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Fedor Davydovich Kulakov, on the stage a portrait of D. Sukhe Bator and a banner with the inscription: "MAKHN XVII THEIR KHURAL"; Yu Tsedenbal speaks on the podium (sinhr.); Members of the presidium, delegates applauded. The city of Nizhny Novgorod. Fortress wall and tower of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. Trucks leave the assembly line of the Gorky Automobile Plant. Trucks and cars of the GAZ plant leave the gates of the plant. Unloading vehicles at the port. The hydrofoil motor ship "Raketa" is sailing along the Volga. Ships on the river. The city of Sverdlovsk. The emblem of the Ural Machine-Building Plant is UZTM. Production workshops. Workers at work in one of the shops. An oversized part rotates. Workers leave the entrance to the plant. The crane lifts a wooden box, which indicates the delivery address of the cargo - “МНР st. DARKHAN ULANBATORSKIKH Railway GOK. "ERDENAT" MEDMOLIBDENSTROY. J. D. CODE. B / O "TSVETMETPROMEXPORT". Part 4. The city of Leningrad. The movement of buses, cars on the highway; in the background the building of the Kirovsky plant. Finished tractors in the courtyard of the Kirov plant. Mongolia. Tractors of the Kirov plant work in the field of a Mongolian agricultural enterprise. The central square of the state farm "Darkhan". Signboard with the inscription: "State farm" Darkhan "them. Mongolian-Soviet Friendship was built by the Soviet Construction Trust No. 1. Construction started in 1967. Completed in 1969. " Shop, state farm board building, residential buildings. Young people on horseback in the village square. Yurt and tractor on a pedestal in the park. Local residents vote in the "Red Yurt": women are schoolchildren, men receive ballots. Flocks of sheep, cows in the pasture. The shepherd goes round the flock of sheep. Shaggy Mongolian cows. Cows and sheep are digging up the snow in search of food. A shepherd drives a flock of sheep during a strong wind. Transportation of hay by truck, camel, horse. Loading the pressed hay onto a truck, onto a tractor trolley. Veterinarians examine cows and sheep, bandage the leg of the sheep, warm the legs of the camel with warm skins. Railway freight train with trucks on platforms on the way. A column of trucks is moving along a snowy road. The helicopter flies over the forest. Loading hay onto a truck at the airport. Women and men unload bags of animal feed from a helicopter. A man pours food into a sheep feeder. People walk along the side of a sandy hill. Desert; hills. Monitor lizards in the desert. A withered tree, a bush in the desert. The plane lands on the airfield. Yurts at the airport. Passengers go down the ladder of the BN MPU "MONCOLA" aircraft. Tourists take pictures of cows near the yurt. Cornfield. Watering installations are working. View of one of the villages. Women go to the store. Kindergarten building. Educators with children sit on rugs in the courtyard of the kindergarten. A woman pours water into a sheep feeder. Sheep drink from the trough. The shepherd goes round the flock of sheep. Goats in the pasture. Shepherd catches one of the horses in the herd with a lasso. Horses, motorcycle on the square in the village. Women are walking across the square. Administrative building in Ulaanbaatar. A group of men and women are walking along the sidewalk. Students talk on the porch of a higher educational institution. Institute building. Newsreel footage 1960-1970. (b / w): presentation of diplomas to graduates of an educational institution in a festive atmosphere; the teacher speaks; teachers on the podium; graduates in the hall applauding. Employees of the agricultural laboratory at work. Examination in an educational institution: opening an envelope with an assignment; students write at the table; the teacher walks through the classroom. 5 part of the Orenburg region., Novotroitsk. The tram passes along the city street. Building and signboard of the Middle City Vocational School No. 5 of the Orenburg Region, Novotroitsk. Students from Mongolia in the classroom in the workshop and in the classroom in the Russian language lesson. Soviet and Mongolian students walk along an alley in the park. Mongolian ballet dancers perform on stage. A Mongolian ballerina, a graduate of the Leningrad Choreographic School, in an interview thanks her teacher Lydia Mikhailovna Tyuntina (sinhr.) An international brigade of Soviet and Mongolian workers at work in the depot. View of the construction site near the Bogdo-geren palace in Ulan Bator. International Soviet-Mongolian brigade of bricklayers at work on construction. The foremen of the Mongolian and Soviet brigades talk about the competition for the titles of the best bricklayer and the best plasterer (sinhr.). Festival of friendship between the Mongolian Komsomol and the USSR. A festive procession of Mongolian and Soviet youth. Young people carry banners with the words: "Nairamdal - Friendship", models of the Komsomol and the Mongolian Komsomol badge. Mongol women in national costumes, students in working uniforms, young Mongolian wrestlers, archers, gymnasts are passing by. The girl plays the accordion. The girls sing the song "Manzherok" (sync.). Mongolian woman in national costume, Russian girl dancing in a circle (the song "Kalinka" sounds). Mongolian girls sing in Mongolian. (sync.). The girls sing the song "And again continues into battle" (sinhr.). Rally on the square in Sukhbaatar. Youth scans "Friendship" (sync.). Secretary of the Central Committee of the Komsomol [BN Pastukhov], secretary of the Mongolian Komsomol organization speaks at the podium (sinhr.). Y. Tsedenbal and others on the podium. Mongolian veterans of the Great Patriotic War, pioneers present at the rally. T-34 tank on a pedestal. A sculpture of a Soviet soldier with the Victory banner on the territory of the Zaisan memorial complex. General view of Ulan Bator.
C. Зандраа, Н. Котов
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B. Bychkov, O. Dashzevag, K. Stepanov, N. Huyag-Orir
Other Creators
G. Spevachevsky, B. Donodov, G. Shaposhnikova, V. Shubin, O. Choyzhilsuren, V. Gushchin, Ts. Zhambal, G. Kornilova, S. Kuzmina, M. Urtnasan
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