Friendship Story

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A film about political, economic, scientific, cultural ties between the USSR and Finland. The film uses documents from the Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents (RGAKFD). Moscow city. International airport [Sheremetyevo-2 "]. Passengers in the waiting room. The plane of the Finnish airline" Finner "at the airport. The representative of the airline announces the opening of the international airline Helsinki - Moscow (synchronously in Finnish). Meeting of the members of the Friendship Society of the USSR - Finland in the Hall of Columns House of Unions Present: U. Kekkonen, NV Popova Speaker Leonid Brezhnev U. Kekkonen's visit to Moscow University Finnish students in class Exhibition of Finnish Fine Arts in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Classes in Finnish language courses in the Friendship Society of the USSR - Finland. Soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet Yuri Zhdanov talks about the theater tour in Finland (synchronously). The signing of a scientific and technical agreement between Finland and the USSR. Tourists from Finland visiting the sights of the city. Members of the delegation of the trade union of workers of road transport of Finland in g . Yerevan, Byurakan Observatory, on Lake Sevan (Armenia). Secretary ь Society Finland - USSR Koskinen with his wife on vacation in Sochi, talking on the beach with Yuri Gagarin. A friendly visit of ships of the Finnish Navy to the USSR. Odessa sea port. Oil injection into the Buguruslan tanker for shipment to Finland. Production processes at metallurgical, machine-tool and automobile plants (Moscow). Finland. City of Helsinki. City views. Soviet tourists on the streets of the city. Evening at the Finland-USSR Friendship Society. Present: Mrs. Kilpi, U. Kekkonen with his wife. Nikita Khrushchev's visit to Finland. Residents of Helsinki welcomed Nikita Khrushchev. The rally in the Great Sports Hall. Nikita Khrushchev is speaking (synchronously). Competitions between Soviet and Finnish gymnasts. Speakers A. Azaryan, V.I. Muratov, Finnish gymnasts. Signing of an agreement on the exchange of goods between Finland and the USSR. AI Mikoyan is present. Yuri Gagarin's visit to Finland. A friendly visit of the ships of the USSR Navy to Finland. Icebreaker "Moskva" on the stocks of one of the shipyards in Finland. Finland. Porkkala Udd military base. Territory, base buildings. The Soviet military units leave the base as a result of the early refusal of the USSR from the rights to lease the base. Chronicle. 1946 - 1956. Finland. City of Helsinki. President J. Paasikivi for a walk.
Z. Tuzova
Film ID
military communications
, economic communications
, scientific connections
, metallurgy
, cultural connections
, higher education
, sea transport
, international trade
, tourism
, political connections
, shipbuilding industry
, mechanical engineering
, automotive industry
, air transport
, cosmonautics
, painting
Number of Parts
A. Kochetkov, V. Mikosha, K. Ryazhentsev
Other Creators
Text, script L. Zolotarevsky, Announcer R. Vygodsky, Sound V. Georgievskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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