Friendship Visit to African Countries

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A film about the visit of A. Mikoyan to Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Morocco. Guinea. The city of Kanakri. Streets, buildings of the city. Sekou Toure Palace. Solemn meeting AI Mikoyan at the airport. Mikoyan's meeting with President Sekou Toure, visiting a trade and industrial exhibition, stadium, airport. Ghana. Accra city. A. Mikoyan's meeting with President Kwame Nkrumah. Stadium. Kwame Nkrumah University. Sports festival at the stadium. AI Mikoyan meets with a member of the farmers' council, visits the fields of cocoa, corn, meets with the leaders of the tribes. Mali. City of Bamako. The streets of the town. Market. Hunters sell crocodile and leopard skins. House of Arts. Craftsmen at work. Solemn meeting of A. Mikoyan at the airport. Mikoyan meets with the Prime Minister of Mali Modibo Keita, visits an agricultural collective farm, inspects the irrigation system, visits production workshops, speaks to residents of the city. Threshing millet. The Niger River. Morocco. Rabat city. Meeting AI Mikoyan, travel around the city. Mausoleum of King Mohamed V. AI Mikoyan talks with King Hassan II, lays a wreath at the tomb of Mohamed V. City of Tangier. Sea port. Loading oranges onto ships. AI Mikoyan visits the seaport, meets with the inhabitants of the city. Strait of Gibraltar. Chauen town. Streets, buildings. Residents of the city. A. Mikoyan talks with the Minister of Information and Tourism Moulay Ahmed Alawi.
L. Derbysheva
Film ID
economic communications
, private trade
, architecture
, sea transport
, political connections
, water industry
, landscapes
, handicraft industry
, cities
, air transport
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Vorontsov, M. Popova
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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