From Simple to Complex

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Pupils of one of the Moscow schools write an essay in the classroom. Representatives of different countries speak at a meeting of the Moscow International Seminar of the UN Children's Fund. Children wash toys in kindergarten; caring for a parrot in a living corner of a kindergarten; set tables before dinner. Participants of the UN Children's Fund seminar observe the work of schoolchildren in the workshop of radio installers of a training and production plant in one of the districts of Moscow. The master of the plant shows the students a software milling machine. Seminar participants attend classes in art studios, circles in the House of Pioneers in Moscow; observe the work of young naturalists at the station of young naturalists; Yunnats conduct experiments with plants. Schoolgirls from one of the rural schools look after cows in a livestock lesson held on the farm. Participants of the UN Children's Fund seminar attend the training of machine operators in the rural vocational school; watching the work of school students in the carpentry workshop. The participants of the seminar inspect the oil fields of Baku; skating rink "Medeo" in Alma-Ata; are present at the classes of the Alma-Ata vocational school of textile workers; inspect the dresses, sewn by students of the school. The machine operators of one of the state farms are teaching schoolchildren to drive a tractor. Pupils of one of the rural schools receive certificates of conferring a working profession to them.
T. Lavrova
Film ID
secondary vocational education
, out-of-school education
, leisure
, school education
, state agricultural enterprises
, international connections
, livestock
, textile industry
, preschool education
, international organizations
, cities
Number of Parts
Yu. Buslaev, V. Vorontsov, M. Prudnikov
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There is no data
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