From Sofia to Berlin

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Chronicle documentary film about the international youth movement. Bulgaria. city of Sofia. 9th World Festival of Youth and Students. Parade of the festival participants. Preparation of the 10th World Festival of Youth and Students in Berlin. Emblems of festivals from the first to the tenth. Young people from around the world at work, while studying, during leisure hours, during sports. XVI Congress of the Komsomol. Delegates in the meeting room. E. Tyazhelnikov speaking. Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth. Demonstrations of protest against the Vietnam War. Fighting Vietnamese troops: anti-aircraft guns shoot, crashes, downed plane. USA. American soldiers are tearing off their orders and throwing them away, burning registration cards. Manifestation. Dispersal of the demonstration by the police (evening shooting). Vietnam. Children smile, play, dance. Southern Rhodesia. The police beat the arrested black man. Near East. Punitive actions of Israeli soldiers against the local population. Ireland. Ulster. British soldiers search the house, disperse the demonstration. A meeting of neo-fascists in one of the countries of Western Europe. The police disperse the demonstrators. Youth - hippies dancing on the stage. A naked girl is dancing. The guy is dancing. Drug addicts. A. Davis goes to the courthouse, accompanied by an escort. Demonstrations of protest against the arrest of A. Davis. Fighting guerrillas in Mozambique. World meeting of working youth in Moscow. Demonstration in Germany in honor of the arrival of Leonid Brezhnev.
P. Mostovoy
Film ID
other international movements and organizations
, revolutionary national liberation movement
, public leisure facilities
, situation of various populations
, entertainment
, national policy
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, borbazamir
, police
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