From Tbilisi to Baku

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The film tells about the tourist route "Tbilisi-Telavi-Sheki-Baku". PART 1 City of Tbilisi, Georgian SSR. Panorama of Tbilisi. Palace of Queen Darejan - "Sachino" (built in 1776). Churches in the panorama of the city. Residential buildings on the Metekhi curb on the banks of the Kura river. Street of the Old Town. The movement of vehicles along the streets and Heroes' Square. The building of the hotel "Iveria" (architect OD Kalandarashvili, with the participation of IS Ikhomelidze, 1967). Folklore Georgian ensemble performs (sinhr.) In the restaurant hall, on the embankment of the Kura river. Monument to Vakhtang Gorgasal (sculptor E. D. Amashukeli, architect T. Kandelaki, D. Mordebadze, 1967). Statue "Mother Georgia" (sculptor E. D. Amashukeli, 1963) on the Salalak mountain. The interior of a Georgian Orthodox church. A male choir sings in the temple (sync. In Georgian). Kakheti. Alaverdi Cathedral (11th century). Gremi settlement: church of Archangels Michael and Gabriel, bell tower (1565). Temples in the mountains. Kakheti, the city of Telavi. Panorama of Telavi. The building of the hotel "Kakheti" ("HOTEL KAKHETI"). Equestrian statue of Tsar Irakli II (sculptor M.K. Merabishvili, 1971). The audience on the streets of the city. Kakheti, Tsinandali village. House-Museum of Prince Alexander Garsevanovich Chavchavadze, a park in the English style (19th century). An elderly man rolls an earthenware jug for wine - kvevri. Tourists taste wines in the tasting room. Collective farmers collect grapes. Sheki city, Azerbaijan SSR. Palace of the Sheki Khans. Men work in the shebeke style - they create multi-colored glass mosaics-stained-glass windows. Paintings and stained-glass windows in the shebeke style in the palace of the Sheki khans. Mountain river. Panorama of the Caucasus Mountains with snow-capped peaks. PART 2 Sheki city, Azerbaijan SSR. Murals in the palace of the Sheki khans, the interiors of the palace. A group in national costumes is walking along a narrow cobbled street, men are playing folk musical instruments. Baku city, Azerbaijan SSR. Tezepir Mosque (architect Zivar bey Akhmedbekov, 1914). Panorama of the city. Sailboats in the Caspian Sea in the water area of the city. Vacationers swim in the sea, sunbathe on the beach. Government House (architects L.V. Rudnev, V.O.Munts, 1952). Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi (architects of the last restructuring S. Dadashov, M. Useinov, 1945). Panorama of the Old City - Icheri-Sheher. Fortress walls of Icheri-Sheher, mosque, Maiden Tower. Palace of the Shirvanshahs (built in the 1420s). The inner courtyard of the palace. Divankhane in the palace (built in the 1450s). Exhibits of the Museum of Carpets in the building of the Juma Mosque. Girls in oriental costumes dance in front of the visitors of the restaurant - Caravanserai. The village of Amirajan, Azerbaijan SSR. Temple of Fire Worshipers - Ateshgah. In the cells of the temple complex there are wax figures of Hindu fire-worshipers.
V. Grunin
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road transport
, cultural connections
, crop
, food industry
, architecture
, christianity
, household service
, tourism
, islam
, landscapes
, cities
, sculpture
, art
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B. Nasimov
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