From the Vistula to the Oder

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Liberation of Polish cities by Soviet troops: Warsaw, Poznan. 1 h. Forcing the Vistula River; the meeting of the marshals of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov and K.K.Rokossovsky; German defensive fortifications. The battlefield, the attack of tanks and infantry, destruction in Warsaw, the streets are Polish soldiers. Rally and military parade on the liberation of Warsaw. 2 hours. The defeat of the German troops; Soviet tanks on the streets of Lodz; a German airfield captured by Soviet troops, bombers are bombing the Germans, fighting on the outskirts of Poznan, Soviet troops are marching along the front roads. 3 hours. Fighting by Soviet troops in Germany, German fortifications, prisoners of war: Sonnenburg prison, corpses of prisoners, liberation of Poznan. 4 hours. Building of the City Hall. Poznan prison. "Lethal chamber". Corpses of prisoners; children at school. Polish girls are bandaging the wounded. The people's militia guards the front-line neighborhoods; command post of Major General Shelenkov; street fighting, German prisoners. Oder River. Aircraft in the air.
V. Belyaev
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, combat
Number of Parts
D. Ibragimov, R. Carmen, A. Sof'in, V. Shtatland, M. Shneiderov, V. Frolenko, I. Arons, B. Dement'ev, V. Komarov, L. Mazrukho, M. Poselsky, B. Sokolov, V. Simkhovich, V. Tomberg
Other Creators
text by Yu. Smirnitsky, ass. directed by A. Kiryukhin, V. Chekulaev, early. groups A. Kuznetsov, music producer D. Shtilman, sound engineer V. Kotov, E. Kashkevich, speaker L. Khmara, consultant S. Platonov
Release Date
Has Sound

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