German Democratic Republic

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The film for 9th grade students of secondary schools tells about the German Democratic Republic - its industry, nature, cities. PART 1. Summer, Berlin: passers-by on the streets, the Soviet war memorial in Treptower Park, German pioneers marching along the alley to the monument to the Soviet soldier, views of Berlin from a flying plane, multi-storey residential buildings in the new microdistrict, a TV tower, a summer cafe, the Brandenburg Gate, the state border with West Berlin, the railway station, the planes are on the runway of the airfield, the train travels over the bridge over the Spree river, the building of the Red City Hall, the building of the Humboldt University of Berlin, the building of the Berlin State Library, the sculpture of the scientist Alexander von Humboldt, the assembly of radio receivers in the workshops of one of the enterprises , production of parts for cars in the workshop of one of the factories, passengers go out into the street from the Alexanderplatz metro station, bridges over the Spree river in Berlin. G. Magdeburg: travel by car through the streets in the city center, work in the shops of the Magdeburg Heavy Engineering Plant named after Ernst Thalmann. Smoke from the pipes of a steel plant near Magdeburg. Work in the shops of one of the steel plants. Flying over the south-west of the GDR, over the enterprises of the energy-chemical production complex. Halle district near Leipzig, brown coal development. Lein, Halle district near Leipzig: the buildings of the Walter Ulbricht Leunawerke plant, which processes brown coal and Soviet oil, work in the plant's shops, the products of the Leipzig plant: work in the shops of one of the printing plants, the finished product moves along a conveyor belt , flags of the countries participating in the Leipzig International Fair, visitors to the fair, general view of the fair pavilion, its interiors, visitors, stands of the Karl Zeiss plant. G. Jena: work in the shops of the optical plant "Carl Zeiss", work at a pharmaceutical plant. Thuringia: forest landscapes, a castle on a hill, villages, old towns. Weimar: central square, monument to Goethe and Schiller in front of the building of the German National Theater, streets in the city center. The outskirts of Weimar, a view of a chemical plant for the production of fertilizers, built on the basis of a deposit of potash salts, the workers of the plant go to work, go down the stairs to the face, the production process. A train with fertilizer tanks travels by rail. Airplane overflight over agricultural areas. Harvesting wheat: harvesters are driving across the field. Cowshed. Pig farm. A flock of sheep. Poultry farm PART 2. Saxony, bend of the Elbe, flight over Dresden. G. Dresden: Dresden Art Gallery, paintings; streets in the city center, an old excursion carriage drives through the streets of Dresden; classes in laboratories, classrooms of the Dresden Technical University. Karl-Marx-Stadt: city center, transport rides, passers-by are walking, work in the shop of one of the textile factories. Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Meissen. Flight of the aircraft over the southeast of the GDR, the Cottbus area, over the buildings of the energy-chemical complex. G. Boxberg (Lower Saxony): General view of a power plant connected to the MIR power system. G. Kotbus: the territory of the Schwarze Pumpe lignite mill. G. Eisenhüttenstadt: work in the shops of the metallurgical plant "Ost". Lower Oder, border with Poland, Schwedt - the center of petrochemistry. View of the Druzhba oil pipeline stretched to Schwedt. Pipelines diverging to the north and south of the GDR from the Druzhba oil pipeline. Work at the nuclear power plant "Nord", built with the assistance of the USSR Flight by plane over the north of the GDR. G. Rostock: city center, shipyard, port, ships sail from the shipyard to the Baltic Sea. Pipeline laying works.
S.S. Zagoskin
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Scriptwriter A. Ivanov, consultants Cand. Geographical Sciences A. Kuznetsov, Yu. Shirokikh, editor A. Brook
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