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Festive demonstration on the 1st of May. Columns of demonstrators with banners and banners in the streets, singing, playing the accordion. ZIL plant. Conveyor assembly line. Miners, combine operators, seamstresses-mechanics, crane operators, welders and people of other professions at work. The emblems of the Voikov plant, the grinding machine plant, the Borets plant, the Petr Alekseev plant, the Leningrad metal plant. Architectural monuments of Leningrad. Plant "Electrosila"; machine-tool association named after Sverdlov. The Krasny Vyborzhets plant. Workshop of the plant. Vacuum oven. Workers at the machines. Rolling mill. Construction of a new workshop. Installation of equipment. Hall of the factory museum. Photos of veterans. Competition agreement. 1930 newspapers with articles on the Counterplan. The Brigade votes in favor of the Counter Plan. Meeting minutes. I. Litvinenko gives interviews. Newspaper with the article "Counter" Red Wyborzhets. Defense of a working dissertation. Members of the technical council. Minsk plant of automatic lines. Workshop of the plant. Workers for assembling machine tools. Strogalshchik L. Potapovich gives interviews (synchronously), at work. Competition of young skills. Cherepovets metallurgical plant Smelting metal. Blast furnace V. Kailov gives interviews (synchronously). Television transmission - roll call of subcontractors. Technician installs a microphone. Chronicle footage of the 30s. Production leaders: A. Stakhanov, D. Vinogradova, PF Krivonos, M. Vinogradov at work Rewarding the foremost workers.
W. Mann
Film ID
machine tool construction
, metallurgy
, state holidays
, automotive industry
, awards
Number of Parts
L. Belyakov
Other Creators
Screenplay V. Shustilov
Release Date
Has Sound

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