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The film is dedicated to the problem of penetration and influence of US mass culture on the culture of Italy, France, Japan, Mexico. Italy. City of Rome. American writer G. Vidal gives interviews (synchronously in English). American journalist D. Stryker speaks (simultaneously in English). Buildings and architectural monuments of the city. Ruins of the Colosseum and the Forum. Pantheon. Saint Paul's Cathedral. Squares. Fountains. Film Studio Chinechita. Filmmakers D. De Santis and S. Lidzani pass through the studio, give interviews (synchronously in Italian). The building of the US Embassy. Bookstand with American editions. M. Mastroiani gives interviews (synchronously in Italian). American publishing house, American bars, American store in Rome. The movement of cars. Foreign tourists on the street of the city. Critic and journalist K. Kozulich gives interviews (synchronously in Italian). France. City of Paris. Eiffel Tower. Triumphal Arch. Louvre. American journalist D. Stryker gives interviews (synchronously in French). France. City of Paris. Cinema on the Champs Elysees. Queue at the cinema box office. Advertising of the American film "Rimbaud II". The journalist interviews the audience (synchronously in French). "Rocky IV" movie advertisement. Fragments of the film "Rocky IV". Chronicle footage. USA. Hollywood. Shooting a feature film in Hollywood film studios. Mexico. Mexico City. American stores. Billboards of American goods on cars, houses. Advertising of American goods in magazines. Chronicle footage. Demonstration of models of ultra-fashionable clothes in one of the countries. Jeans advertisement. Demonstration of jeans at the stadium. France. City of Paris. Seine river embankment. Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame Cathedral. Streets of Paris. Cafe. Squares. The Grand Opera. Center Pompidou. Montmartre. Artists. Singer Isabelle Obre at a rehearsal, gives interviews (synchronously in French). Champs Elysees. Bridge over the Seine river. Inventor, writer, businessman Bernard Benson gives interviews (synchronously in French). Statue of Liberty at the Pont de Grenelle. Chronicle: Statue of Liberty in New York. Photos: construction of the Statue of Liberty in Paris, delivery of the Statue of Liberty in the USA. Chronicle: Performance by a rock band, a man and a goat drinking beer, men are looking at pornographic magazines, sex shows, drug addicts smoke, injections, police detain drug addicts, shooting a cowboy movie. Stills from the film "War of the Stars". Sex show advertising. Advertising on the building of the cinema for porn films. The building of the Moulin Rouge variety show. France. City of Paris. Advertising of store clothes. Showcases, store buildings. Shop "Chicago". Toy store. Film director D. Karlen gives interviews (synchronously in French). D. Karlen at work in the office. College. College students welcomed the film crew of the film "Global Pressing", give interviews (synchronously in French). Chronicle: street musicians, the movement of a police car, money is thrown to musicians. Japan. Tokyo city. Advertising on the streets of the evening city. Yo-Yosh park area. Young people are dancing rock and roll. Sale of American flags. Tanks. Family as a couple. Newsreel: performance of a rock band, the audience rejoices and rages, E. Presley's wedding in Las Vegas, E. Presley's speech. Photos by E. Presley. USA. Casino in Las Vegas. Slot machine halls. Illusionist performance (without shooting location). Japan. Tokyo city. The park. Roller club-skating rink. Buddhist temple. Mexico. Tourists at the pyramid. Boating in the park.
N. Boronin
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, economic communications
, fashion
, private trade
, cultural connections
, public leisure facilities
, architecture
, public catering
, educational activities
, entertainment
, situation of various populations
, advertising
, media
, sculpture
, painting
, music
, cinema
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S. Ivanyukhin
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