Glory to Labor

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1h - (156m) V. V. Utkin in the shop of the "Caliber" plant at work; driller of the Krasnogvardeyskaya mine of the Krasnouralmedruda trust IP Yankin in the face; speaks at a meeting; lumberjack Medvezhyegorsk timber industry enterprise AP Gotchiev at work. 2h - (139m). Spinner M. Rozheneva, weaver L. F. Kononenko of the Kupavinskaya fine-cloth factory at work, at home. 3h - (110m). A team of one of the textile factories in Bulgaria works according to the method of A. Chutkikh. Soviet tractors STE in the fields of Poland. Destroyed buildings in Vienna; weekdays of the city; unemployed in line at the labor exchange. 4h - (218m). Restored buildings in Stalingrad. Reconstruction of Novgorod, Minsk, new Minsk factories: tractor, automobile. 5h- (129m). Leningrad. Restored buildings, Stalin Prize laureate, turner of the Leningrad Machine-Tool Plant named after V.I. Sverdlova Bortkevich GS works at the table at home, takes pictures with his wife against the background of the Peterhof fountains. 6h - (109m). Notable people of Zaporizhstal: P. I. Grudev, A. P. Chekmarev, A. L. Boborykin, A. K. Pudikov, V. G. Ledkov, M. M. Sofyanov, A. M. Ignatenok in the shop of the plant. 7h - (195m). Notable people of Baku oil fields: Pir-Mamed, ML Lalayants, Mamed-Veli Oglu discuss new methods of work. S. Sarkisov at work. Construction of a car plant in Kutaisi, a metallurgical plant in Rustavi. BI Burlakov, N. Minzaripov on a boat during a trip along the canal. 8h - (169m). A new type of electric tractor Korsun-Shevchenkovskaya MTS plows the land. Construction of new rural settlements in Ukraine Demidovo, Liplyani. New replenishment at the plant "Krasny Vyborzhets", columns of students of the FZO pass through the territory. New buildings of Sevastopol, construction of buildings. Monuments. 9h - (111m). Moscow. New buildings in Moscow; construction of the hotel "Beijing", a high-rise building on Smolenskaya square. 9 "a" h- - (111m). Destruction in Vienna. 10h - (83m). Construction of Moscow State University. 11h - (40m). Models of high-rise buildings in Moscow: an administrative building in Zaryadye, a residential building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, on pl. Uprising, hotels on the Dorogomilovskaya embankment. 12h - (81m). Meeting on the occasion of the restoration of blast furnace No. 2 "Zaporizhstroy". Speaker Zhukov E. S. Mine of Kuzbass. The miners of the Ziminko mine K. Ya. Voroshilov and the mine them. Stalin N. V. Prostakov in the face. Meeting in the city party committee in Prokopyevsk, miner V. Plavinsky speaks. Approx. : Neg. : 1-186m; 2-203m; 3-136m; 4-344m; 5-160m; 6-143m; 7-211m; 8-219m; 9-138m; 9a-111m; 10-69m; 11-44m; 12-137m.
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Film ID
machine tool construction
, machine-tractor stations
, building
, metallurgical industry
, settlements
, forestry
, mechanical engineering
, oil
, foreign countries (bulgaria
, rallies
, light industry
, austria)
, river transport
, museums
, non-residential buildings
, monuments
, poland
, coal
, administrative buildings
, vocational secondary education
, cities
, home life
Number of Parts
B. Nebylytsky, Pridorogin, Sologubov, Dolgov, Mukhin, Levitan, Caspian Sea, L. Kachuryan, Ovsyannikov, Shironin, Zaporozhsky, V. Mikosha
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No Sound

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