Golden Jubilee

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Moscow city. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the episcopal ministry of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy of Moscow and All Russia, 30 delegations arrived, consisting of representatives of various Christian teachings. Getting off the plane: Metropolitan Kallinikos of Varia, Patriarch of Great Antioch and All the East, His Beatitude Theodosius VI, Metropolitan of Kitty Anfim of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Winchester Allison, Dr. Leslie Kukweiller of the World Council of Church representative of the Evangelical Church of the land of Hesse - Nasau, on behalf of His Holiness Pope Paul VI, Bishop of Lausanne, Geneva and Friborg Francois Charrière, director of the Catholic center "Truth" Father Dumont, representatives of the ancient Malabar Church Metropolitan Mar Athanasios and Metropolitan Mar Philoxenos and others. Leningrad Station. Meeting of the Archbishop of Karelian and All Finland Pavel. Guests are greeted by members of the Holy Synod, representatives of the Council for the Russian Orthodox Church under the Council of Ministers of the USSR, members of the diplomatic corps. Moscow residence of the patriarch. His Holiness Patriarch Alexy receives members of the delegations. Guests sign the book of honorary visitors. Kremlin. Church leaders visiting historical monuments, the exposition of the Armory, pass through the territory. Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the USSR. The guests get acquainted with the pavilions "Mechanical Engineering", "Nuclear Power". Moscow State University. Church leaders in the assembly hall and lobby. Visiting the exposition of the Geological Museum. The members of the delegations visited the Borodino panorama, the Forum cinema, where they watched the film Russian Miracle, and the Tretyakov Gallery. The city of Zagorsk. Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Types of Lavra, temples. Church leaders enter the Lavra. Believers on the territory of the Lavra. Anniversary celebrations: Archbishop Nikodim of Yaroslavl and Rostov makes a report on the life and work of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy (synchronously) and others. Patriarch Alexy is speaking (synchronously). Church leaders are listening. Festive service at the Assumption Cathedral. Church leaders bless the people, read prayers (synchronously). Believers are standing. Moscow city. Church leaders take a walk on the Maksim Gorky motor ship. Discussing the draft communiqué on the anniversary celebrations. The hero of the day and participants in the jubilee celebrations at a reception hosted by Chairman of the Council for the Affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church under the Council of Ministers of the USSR VA Kuroyedov. Speakers. Hotel "Ukraine". A reciprocal reception hosted by the Moscow Patriarchate. Speakers. The city of Leningrad. Neva embankment. Streets. The building of the Leningrad Diocesan Administration. Reception at the Metropolitan of Leningrad and Ladoga Pimen. Visiting church leaders of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the cathedral mosque, Petrodvorets. Divine service at St. Nicholas Cathedral. Tallinn city. Church leaders visiting the cathedrals and churches of the city. Pyukhtinsky nunnery. Visiting the monastery by church leaders. Their participation in the service. The city of Yaroslavl. Church leaders visit the Kremlin, hold services in one of the churches. Moscow city. Solemn service at the Epiphany Patriarchal Cathedral (synchronously). The city of Odessa. Residence of the Patriarch. Patriarch Alexy on the balcony.
V. Plotnikova
Film ID
, industry
, architecture
, railway transport
, the relationship between the state
, christianity
, river transport
, museums
, international connections
, higher education
, diplomatic relations
, religionchurch
, air transport
, state and public holidays
Number of Parts
L. Pankin, A. Sologubov, V. Statland
Other Creators
Sound D. Ovsyannikov, S. Senkevich
Release Date
Has Sound

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