Good Manners

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Feature film - graduate work of a student of VGIK R. Malikov. Employees of the prosecutor's office are examining a scheme of embezzlement at a cotton plant in one of the districts of the Tashkent region, and are developing a plan for an operation to identify and detain criminals. The task of the investigator Rakhimov is to come to the cotton plant and infiltrate himself as an investigator of the regional police. An accident occurs on the road - a truck with cotton in a ditch. The director of the plant Sultanov arrives at the scene of the accident, there he meets Rakhimov. Rakhimov checks the accounts in the accounting department of the plant. The accountant warns Sultanov by phone. Sultanov arrives at the plant, escorts the investigator through the territory, introduces him to the production, brings him to his home. Sultanov, through his people in the police, is trying to find out who Rakhimov is. Rakhimov comes to the district police station to see the chief of Baburov, Sultanov's man, to find out the details of the car accident, and suggests conducting an audit at the plant. Rakhimov's people try to bribe Rakhimov, he refuses. Local teacher Valiev tells the investigator about the state of affairs in the region, about the family ties between Sultanov, Baburov and the store director. Sultanov brings Rakhimov to his owner Zaripov - the head of the regional association "Khlopkoprom", he leads him on the hunt. Cars with missing cotton are arrested at the entrance to the plant, Sultanov is detained. Rakhimov at the dacha of Zaripov, he learns that Sultanov has been arrested. Zaripov's men with guns surround Rakhimov, he reminds them of the rules of good manners. Patron of Zaripova In Moscow, removed from office, the head of the store and the accountant were arrested. Zaripov is crushed by this message. Rakhimov and his assistant leave the district.
R. Malikov
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, higher education
, landscapes
, textile industry
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R. Galiev
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