Great Names of Russia Stanislavsky

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The story of the creative path of the director K.S. Stanislavsky is led by the artist of the Moscow Art Theater Yuri Bogatyrev. Part 1 Autumn. Museum-apartment of K.S. Stanislavsky on Stanislavsky Street. Yuri Bogatyrev climbs the stairs in the house, talks about the times when the director, People's Artist of the USSR K.S. Stanislavsky lived here (sinhr.). House interiors. Newsreel footage: K.S. Stanislavsky is sitting on a sofa in a room surrounded by women, one of them is his wife M.P. Lilina (Stanislavsky's best student, teacher), a dog is sitting at the director's feet, K.S. Stanislavsky is talking with actors Of the Moscow Art Theater, rehearsing with them, examining the play of each actor (1935-38) Yuri Bogatyrev in the study of KS Stanislavsky. Telephone receiver by Stanislavsky's bed. Yuri Bogatyrev is sitting at a table in his office, examining photographs of an armchair that K.S. Stanislavsky brought from Venice in the 1890s. Part 2 Yuri Bogatyrev in the dressing room in the Museum-apartment of KS Stanislavsky. Arab utensils in one of the rooms Yuri Bogatyryov stands on October 25 street opposite the restaurant "Slavyansky Bazar" . Nemirovich-Danchenko (sinhr.), Passers-by are walking along the street, passing cars. Yuri Bogatyrev in the empty hall of the Art Theater. An armchair in the hall with a sign "K.S. STANISLAVSKY". Programs of the performances of the Moscow Art Theater for 1902. Yuri Bogatyrev sits in Stanislavsky's office, posters and photographs are laid out on the table. Newsreels: Satin's monologue from the play "At the Bottom" in Moscow artistic theater (in the role of Satin - V. I. Kachalov) Yuri Bogatyrev stands at the stage in an empty theater hall, a half-closed curtain with seagulls. Part 3. Fragment from the play "Boris Godunov" (1930s, starring IM Moskvin, KS Stanislavsky). Yuri Bogatyrev stands in front of the stage in an empty hall of the Moscow Art Theater, talks about the play "Boris Godunov ", about KS Stanislavsky (sinhr.) Museum-apartment of KS Stanislavsky on Stanislavsky Street. Memorial plaque on the house. Cars are parked on the street. The facade of the house. Interiors. A grand piano in the hall where the rehearsals were held. Living room. Cabinet. Yuri Bogatyrev in KS Stanislavsky's dressing room reads an excerpt from the director's book "My Life in Art".
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