Great Patriotic War Movie 3 - The Siege of Leningrad

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1h - Leningrad: St. Isaac's Cathedral, embankments. Chronicle: a military city, city residents see off a column of soldiers. 2h - The population of Leningrad is digging trenches, a patrol in the city stops the car, the Germans are bombing the city: explosions on the Neva, buildings are crumbling, people are on the ruins. Zhdanov at the map. Guns on Soviet ships. 3h - The Germans are warming themselves by the fire, playing snowballs, storing firewood, etc. Leningraders get water from the frozen river, a woman is carrying a log on a sled, women are buying bread, etc. 4h. - A man on a sled carries a corpse, a man falls on the street, corpses of people are loaded onto a truck. Production of pomegranates at the factory. The worker at the machine rubs his hands. Tank repair shop. Composer D.D.Shostakovich is working on the 7th symphony .. A truck drives along the "road of life" at night. 5h - People remove snow in spring, trams go. Vegetable gardens in the city square. German soldiers make toys, German children receive parcels. 6h - Children of besieged Leningrad are being taken to the ship on the bridge. Diary pages and a photograph by Tanya Savicheva. Prisoners of the Germans are being led down the street.
T. Semenov, R. Carmen
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the great patriotic war
, military industry
, cities
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M. Orlov
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