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The film sketch tells about group lessons on Civil Defense for the management of enterprises. Part 1 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, military armored personnel carriers go along the road. Rural street, flag with the inscription "INFECTED". Empty cottages, grassy areas. The military use dosimeters to check the clothes of civilians for the presence of radioactive contamination. Servicemen - liquidators of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are sitting in the office of a government working group. The director of one of the enterprises in his office is preparing for a group civil defense class. Participants receive an assignment that they must study before class. General view of one of the workshops, announcement of the beginning of civil defense classes. Listeners go to the civil defense office, sit down at their desks. The leader announces the topic of the group lesson - "Organization and conduct of rescue and urgent emergency recovery operations at an object in the zone of nuclear destruction." Fragments of classes, listeners are Zhdanov, Kadyshev, Govorun. Participants in the exercise work out educational questions. A column of military equipment moves along a forest road, turns into the forest, liquidators in gas masks are sitting at the wheel of military vehicles. The civil defense forces are being deployed to the “hotbed of destruction. Explosion in the forest. Water is pouring from a broken pipe in the workshop. A war machine explodes, burns. Broken power line wires. K / t plans: nuclear explosion (1960s) Part 2 Listeners Azarov, Govorun, chief engineer of the enterprise Kulagin, head of the training rescue team Turanov, head of the training combined team Postnikov report at the lesson. The class leader at the blackboard examines the participants' proposals. The work of equipment in the zone of the Chernobyl disaster (excavators are dismantling debris, armored personnel carriers are going). Decontamination at the facility. Practical training sessions: fire on utility and power networks, liquidators in gas masks walk through the affected area, an excavator dismantles a blockage in the affected area, a bulldozer drives across the field, rescuers “drain” water from the shelter; drills for the fire brigade (a fire engine drives up to the fire, extinguishing the fire, an ambulance arrives, rescuers in gas masks get out of it, carry the “victims” out of the burning building on a stretcher); the formation of the 1st shift continues to carry out rescue and urgent emergency recovery operations; rescuers - welders at work; the chief of civil defense of the region gives orders to the detachment; the formation of GO is removed from the lesion focus. The leader announces the end of classes, sums up the results.
D. Flegontov
Film ID
the chernobyl accident
, technics
, civil defense
Number of Parts
V. Fedotov
Other Creators
S. Podgaits, A. Chulkin, A. Rudenko, V. Spirin, V. Shubin, O. Teplenko, A. Birman
Release Date
Has Sound

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