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The film was shot by order of the USSR Ministry of Automotive Industry. 1 part. The movement of trucks and cars on the bridge. Car drivers answer (sync.) To the question asked by the filmmakers: what brand of car do they like the most? Drivers name brands of cars such as KAMAZ, Zhiguli, ZIL-130. The car of the traffic police inspector is at the exit from the bridge. Trucks and cars driving on the highway. General view of Moscow, the Moskva River, buildings of the Moscow Automobile Plant. Monument to the first director of the plant - Ivan Alexandrovich Likhachev on the territory of ZIL. General view of the assembly line at the Moscow Automobile Plant. I. Likhachev during the assembly of the car "ZIL-130". Production processes in workshops where ZIL vehicles are assembled. The work of automatic lines and technological complexes in the workshops of the enterprise. One of the workers at the control panel of one of the complexes. Women workers at the control panels of automatic lines. General view of the car assembly shop at the plant. The movement of railway platforms with cars "Zhiguli". Assembly of cars "Volga" - GAZ-24. Assembling KAMAZ vehicles on the main assembly line of an automobile plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. General view of the car "BELAZ". General view of the assembly line at the Gorky Automobile Plant. Trucks and cars "Volga" - GAZ-24 in the shop. General view of the building of the branch training center of the Gorky Automobile Plant. Conducting a skill competition "Golden Hands" at the plant. Among the jury members, Hero of Socialist Labor, plant turner Denis Ivanovich Vershinin. Participants of the competition work on lathes, demonstrate their ability to drive a car. Children at the Eternal Flame at one of the memorials dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. The legendary GAZ-AA truck - "lorry" on a pedestal in the park near the plant. Another wartime truck on a pedestal. The newspapers of 1918 are leafed through. General view of the document signed by V. I. Lenin, which deals with the creation of the automotive industry in our country. The newspapers of the period of the first five-year plan are leafed through. B / W newsreel footage of the 1920s: A crowd of children screaming something. AMO car on the square. A brass band is playing. The speaker stands from the back of the truck. Column of cars "AMO" on Red Square (1924). Demonstrators walk to Red Square along Istoricheskiy Proezd. B / W newsreel footage of the 1930s: - Meeting at the AMO plant in connection with its opening after reconstruction. Speeches by the director of the plant I.A. Likhachev, Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Trucks, in the bodies of which people, leave the territory of the plant. Drummer of the forge shop of the plant, foreman Alexander Busygin at work at the forge hammer, with members of his team. - Panorama of the construction site, where the buildings of the Gorky Automobile Plant are being erected, workers at construction, at work in the shops. Assembling the car at the factory. The GAZ-1 - EMKA vehicle leaves the workshop. GAZ trucks - lorries drive through the shop. B / W newsreel footage of the Great Patriotic War: an airplane in the sky, hitting an anti-aircraft gun, a column of trucks moving along the "road of life" across Lake Ladoga. View of the Katyusha rocket launchers on trucks. The fighter loads the installation with projectiles. A volley from a Katyusha. B / w newsreel footage of the 1960s - 1970s: General view of the buildings under construction of the Volga Automobile Plant. General view of the assembly line at the VAZ and Zhiguli cars. KAMAZ dump truck dumps rock at the construction of the dam, another KAMAZ transports one of the dam structures. General view of the meeting at the Kama Automobile Plant in connection with the release of the first batch of KAMAZ trucks for the 25th Congress of the CPSU. Part 2. The ZIL-130 car and the ZIL car with a trailer are driving along the test track. The driver is driving a truck. Excursion to the ZIL Museum. Exhibits in the halls of the museum. Interview of the secretary of the ZIL party committee - Evgeny Ivanovich Moiseev (sync. And behind the scenes). General view of the building of the VTUZ at the automobile plant named after I.A. Likhacheva. Students in the classroom in a computer class, at a lecture. View of the building of the Palace of Culture ZIL. Young astronomers at the telescope. Ballroom dancers dance the waltz. Football players of the Torpedo (Moscow) team enter the stadium field during one of the matches. Fragment of the match "Torpedo" (Moscow) and "Dynamo" (Moscow). Spectators in the stands. The movement of vehicles on the highway in the Crimea. View of Yalta and the sea. Vacationers at sea, on the beach, for a walk. Internal view of one of the rooms in the ZIL sanatorium. General view of the Kama Automobile Plant. Streets of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. Types of hairdressing salon, bookstore "Globus". KAMAZ car on a hill with the NDP "GLORY TO KAMAZ BUILDERS". General view of the body of the engine plant at the Kama Automobile Plant. Unit plant building. Production processes in the shops of a foundry, a repair and tool plant, a blacksmith plant. Workers-operators at the control panels for automated processes in the shop. General view of the work of machines performing complex technical operations. Production processes in the shops of the engine plant. Interview with Nikolay Matvienko, the foreman of the adjusters (sync. And behind the scenes). Types of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny: streets, houses, people on the streets. The bus passes along one of the streets. Pupils of one of the kindergartens take care of plants in the winter garden, attend a music lesson, swim in the pool. B / W newsreel footage of 1969: A rally during the laying ceremony of the Kama Batyr Automobile Plant. The movement of cars on the highway through a blizzard. Site preparation for the construction site. Technique work. Part 3. General view of the main car assembly line at the KAMAZ car assembly plant. Assembly of KAMAZ vehicles. Workers perform various assembly operations. The work of KAMAZ trucks at one of the mineral deposits. General view of the Mound of Glory on the Minsk highway. The movement of trucks on the highway. View of the MAZ truck. A group of designers of the automobile association, which includes the car factories of Minsk, Mogilev and Zhodino, stand at the new model of the MAZ truck - a main road train for intercity transportation, discussing the prospects for the production of a new model. The movement of a heavy truck BELAZ on the highway. General view of vehicles of different carrying capacity, produced at the enterprises of the automobile association. Production processes in the shops of the automobile plant in the city of Zhodino, where BELAZ vehicles are assembled - the largest trucks in the USSR. Assembly workers at work. Representatives of the working dynasty Kulinchikov at work in the shops and departments of the plant. The head of the dynasty - Hero of Socialist Labor, the foreman of the complex brigade of the mechanical assembly shop Vikenty Vasilyevich Kulinchik at work in the shop, talks about his team, about his family (sinhr.). Members of the Kulinchik family are resting in nature - on the shore of the lake. Plant workers go to work shift along the alley, along which portraits of the plant's shock workers are installed. General view of the monument in Zhodino, erected in memory of the Kupriyanov brothers who died in the war (1975, sculptors I. Misko, A. Zaspitsky, N. Ryzhenkov, architect O. Trofimchuk. Hero of Socialist Labor V. V. Kulinchik with his grandson by the eternal flame. The movement of Zhiguli cars along the city street. General view of the city of Togliatti (filmed from the plane) with new multi-storey buildings. The movement of railway platforms with Zhiguli cars. General view of the main assembly line at the Volzhsky Automobile Plant. Cars " Zhiguli "leave the assembly line. Workers of the enterprise before the start of the shift. Production processes in the shops of the enterprise: workers work on machines, control automatic lines. Testing cars on the factory track. Bicycle cross on the streets of Togliatti. View of one of the rooms in the factory dormitory. Employees of VAZ are engaged acrobatics in the sports hall Sailing regatta on the Volga Autodeo VAZ at the city stadium VAZ drivers demonstrate their skills in driving Zhiguli cars. The excavator loads the rock into the BELAZ truck body at one of the deposits where natural resources are mined. The movement of trucks and cars on the highway.
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
higher professional education
, the great patriotic war
, automobile transport
, relaxation
, automobile sport
, football
, everyday life
, cycling
, preschool education
, dedicated to the events of the great patriotic war
, artistic activities
, monuments
, anti-aircraft artillery
, cities
, automotive industry
, cultural and educational institutions
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
screenwriter G. Ershova, sound engineer V. Shubin, editor O. Ivanova
Release Date
Has Sound

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