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Part 1 Summer, 1947 Designer S. A. Lavochkin in his study. Library-reading room named after JV Stalin in the village of Khoroshevo, Rzhevsky district. Belgrade. Republic Square, Red Army boulevard, square. Mostrakov. The grave of the Red Army soldier Mostrakov in the park named after Karadjordje; Montenegrin Ruza Pavic and her grandson Bora Popovic lay flowers on the grave. Part 2 August, 1947 The house where JV Stalin stayed in 1943 in the city of Gzhatsk. Part 3 Summer, 1947. The house where the headquarters of the Western Front was located and where IV Stalin stayed in 1943 in the area of the town of Yukhnov, Smolensk region. The outskirts of the village. Cemetery for the Red Army soldiers. Part 4 Designer A.S. Yakovlev in the design bureau, in his study. Summer, 1947 Summer camp of the regiment, where Alexander Matrosov served. Hero of the Soviet Union AI Cherkasov at work at mine number 1-2 Gorskaya in Donbass, at home. 5th part of the Academy. Frunze: audience, listeners at lectures, at the training ground. Part 6 Graduation at the Academy. Frunze; N.E. Chibisov, I.S. Konev, N.A. Bulganin, L.A. Govorov. M.V. Kantaria at home in Georgia: at work, meeting with pioneers, talking with fruit pickers in a citrus garden. Part 7 City of Sevastopol: monuments to the sailors-heroes of the Turkish and Great Patriotic Wars, incl. Kazarsky, a memorial plaque to Admiral P.S. Nakhimov. Meeting of the participants of the Great Patriotic War with the writer P.P. Vershigora in Moscow in the club named after Frunze. P.P. Vershigora reads the manuscript of his book "People with a Clear Conscience". 8-9 parts of the Vladimir region, summer, 1947 Meeting in the Gorokhovets summer camp; among those present - Marshal of the Soviet Union I.S. Konev, Marshal of artillery N.D. Yakovlev. Summer, 1947 Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of the Armored Forces S.I. Bogdanov on maneuvers in the 5th Kantemirovsky Tank Corps. Region of Murmansk. Submarines in the bay of the Barents Sea. At the memorial plaque about the stay here in 1933 I.V. Stalin - Captain 1st Rank M.P. Avgustinovich. 10-11 parts September-October, 1947 Marshal F.I. Tolbukhin, GSS M.I. Kazakov, Colonel General Monogarov, Major General Kleshnin on the maneuvers of the North Caucasian Military District. 12 part Summer, 1947 Soviet-Romanian border. Ruins of the Vetchinkin frontier post. 13th part of October, 1947 Germany. Jena and Erfurt area. Marshal Sokolovsky, Colonel Generals Kazakov, Malinin, Major General Kalatsky and others are watching the maneuvers of tanks and infantry. Maneuvers of tanks and infantry. Lieutenant General Makarov. Autumn, 1947 Colonel General M.I. Cossacks on the maneuvers of the North Caucasian Military District. 14-15 parts of the Maneuvers of the Turkestan Military District in the region of Kara-Kum and Krasnovodsk. 16 part City of Vienna. Cemetery in the city park. 17th part of Belgrade. Opening of a monument to Soviet soldiers in Yugoslavia. 18 part Moscow. A. Pokryshkin in the classroom at the Military Academy. Frunze. Moscow. Aircraft designer S. Ilyushin in the design bureau. Moscow. Artillery weapons designer V.G. Grabin in the office.
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the great patriotic war
, yugoslavia
, mining industry
, aviation industry
, higher education
, childrens organizations
, navy
, cities
, ground troops
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A. Shafran, Bobrov, Blazhkov, Sholomovich, Nagorny, Levitan, A. Monglovsky, G. Monglovskaya, Chernyavsky, M. Oshurkov, Pridorogin, D. Rymarev, Repnikov, Kogan, Poselsky, Nebylitsky, O. Reizman, Kaspiy, Lebedev
Other Creators
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Release Date
No Sound

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