Guards Army of Lieutenant General PG Chanchibadze in the Last Battles of the Patriotic War

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Soviet artillery fires at enemy fortifications in the area of the city of Königsberg; tankers enter the city of Königsberg. Ruined city of Königsberg. Arrival of the Commander of the Belorussian Front A.M. Vasilevsky, General of the Army I. Kh. Baghramyan at the location of the army of Lieutenant General P.G. Chanchibadze. Front command officials inspecting the positions. Lieutenant General P. G. Chanchibadze, Major General Ryabusov, Lieutenant General Strelbitsky at the map at the command post. The offensive of the army units of Lieutenant General P. G. Chanchibadze on the enemy's settlement. Submachine gunners, machine gunners, infantrymen, tankers during the battle. Soviet soldiers free Soviet citizens from German captivity. I. Kh. Baghramyan presents the stars of Heroes of the Soviet Union to PG Chanchibadze and Major General Ryabusov. Combat operations of the Guards Army of P.G. Chanchibadze as part of the 4th Ukrainian Front under the command of F.I.Tolbukhin to liberate the city of Sevastopol (1944). The liberated city of Sevastopol. PG Chanchibadze read out the order on awarding the soldiers and commanders who distinguished themselves in the battles for the liberation of Sevastopol.
Sh. Chagunava
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, cities
Number of Parts
G. Asatiani, L. Arzumanov
Other Creators
Sound R. Lapinsky, D. Lomidze, music producer A. Bukia, text authors I. Rusanov, V. Zhiruli, ass. directors T. Rukhadze, L. Goshadze, sound technicians A. Balanchivadze, V. Vavr, announcers D. Dzigua, P. Kobakhidze
Release Date
Has Sound

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