Gubkin Land

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1 hour - Chronicle of the Second World War (oil region of Baku). Chronicle: discovery of oil deposits by geologists; portrait and photo of the geologist I. M. Gubkin. Kremlin. Open oil storage; oil rigs. Clearing railway tracks. People are extinguishing the fire. Petroleum rocks are bitumens. Bank of the Volga. Work on drilling rigs. Oil on the banks of the river. Chusovoy. The city of Chusovoy. Oil fountains. The tractor pulls the tanks. 2 hours - Photos and portraits of I. N. Gubkin. Oil, oil rigs. The building of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Chronicle: Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences I. M. Gubkin in his office. The peasant weaves a basket. Photos: Weaving sandals, fistfights, villages, churches, clergy in theological seminary. Horses are grazing by the river. Rural children at school. Chronicle: old Petersburg. Photos - pre-revolutionary students. 3 hours - Landscape with rain and lightning. Chronicle: Moscow 20s. Photo and portrait of Gubkin. Chronicle: workers dig a well, smoke. Military band. Reading people on the tram. Work in the mines. Chronicle: a linotype car with the Pravda newspaper. Memorial "Kursk Bulge". Wheat field. Chronicle: buildings destroyed by the war. Lebedinsky mine. 4 hours - Work of miners. Yakovlevsky mine. Chronicle: meeting of the USSR Academy of Sciences in the 1930s. ; speech by I. M. Gubkin. Mining Academy workshop. Students in a chemical laboratory taking an exam. Photo - Gubkin among the students of the Mining Academy. Valley of Mud Volcanoes. Active mud volcano. Photo - Gubkin in the mountains. Chronicle: geologists are riding horses in the mountains. Students in the laboratory of the Institute. Gubkin. The first cars, aircraft, Mozhaisky's plane. Desert landscape. Chronicle: a fountain of oil, drilling, construction of a dam. The city of Nebit-Dagu. 5 hours - Ancient minaret. Gas installations. Pipelines in the desert. The city of Nebit-Dag. Photos and portraits of Gubkin. Taiga, rivers and swamps. West of Siberia. Drilling rigs. All-terrain vehicle. Explosion of seismic survey. Geologists. The camp of the Khanty-Mansiys in the snow. Country house near Moscow. Chronicle: Gubkin at his desk. The Urengoy gas pipeline under construction.
I. Gulchuk
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, gas pipelines
, geology
, printing
, akademiinauksssr
, monuments
, professional education
, cities
, oil
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L. Nickelberg
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