Guilty of the Majority

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The film tells about the investigation of a fatal industrial accident. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Phone call (behind the scenes); a man picks up the phone, a woman's voice says that at night at the Zarya confectionery factory the plumber breathed gas (off-screen). Typewriter type; woman at work, prints. Factory employees in one of the offices, talking about the accident (sync.). Internal view of the intensive care unit of one of the hospitals: a man's face with an oxygen mask; doctors at work. View of the closed doors of the intensive care unit; the paramedic informs the visitor that the plumber is dead (sync.) Factory workers pass through the corridors, down the stairs. Basement view of the building; men doing plumbing work; water supply systems; the place where the accident occurred, after the work of the investigative group. A poster on the wall of one of the working rooms: "An accident is a violation of the technical base." Factory managers in one of the working rooms, talking about the briefing (sinhr.). The first part of the film uses photographs from a family album of one of the family. 2 part. A view of one of the working rooms. Medical workers put an unconscious man on a stretcher. The movement of an ambulance with a flashing beacon and a red cross along one of the streets of the city. Interrogation of witnesses in the case of gas poisoning at the Zarya factory (sinhr.). A protocol with the testimony of a witness, a file with a criminal case. The managers and employees of the factory in one of the offices. The chairman of the special investigation commission reports that the building rules for the construction of a gas pipeline were violated. ); photographs and scale of indicators of the dead people.
I. Agapov
Film ID
writing machines
, sanitation and hygiene
, automobile transport
, investigation bodies
, water supply
, crimes against life and health
, resuscitation
, safety engineering
, ambulance
Number of Parts
V. Vasiliev
Other Creators
O. Antipov, L. Shcherbakova, Yu. Mayorov,
Release Date
Has Sound

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