Gymnastics Olympics-80

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Part 1 Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin, Moscow (filmed from the top point). Athletes run with the torch of the Olympic flame, light a fire in a bowl at the Lenin stadium in Luzhniki. The opening ceremony of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. The beginning of the artistic gymnastics competitions: fanfare sounds, teams go to the gymnastics platform. The USSR women's artistic gymnastics team - the winners of the team championship on the podium during the award ceremony. Individual championship winners on the podium after the awarding ceremony; among them: 1st place - Elena Davydova, 2nd place - Nadia Comaneci (Romania), 3rd place - Maxi Gnauk (GDR). Men's Olympic gymnastics teams on the podium after the award; among them: 1st place - the USSR Olympic team in gymnastics. Winners of the competition in the individual championship among men: 1st place - A. Dityatin, 2nd place - N. Andriyanov, 3rd place - S. Belchev (Bulgaria). Competition of gymnasts in the women's all-around. Gymnasts warm up. Competitions in the vault: performance by N. Shaposhnikova (1st place), N. Kim, N. Komanechi. Competitions on uneven bars: performances by M. Gnauk (1st place), N. Komanechi, N. Shaposhnikova, E. Davydova , E. Eberle (Romania). Competitions on the balance beam: performances N. Komanechi, N. Shaposhnikova, M. Gnauk and other athletes. Part 2. Competitions gymnasts in floor exercises: performances M. Gnauk, E. Eberle, E. Davydova. Athletes accept congratulations. Competition gymnasts in the men's all-around. Athletes on the platform during warm-up. Competitions in floor exercises: performances by R. Brückner (GDR, 1st place), N. Andriyanov, A. Dityatin, A. Tkachev. Competitions on the "horse": A. Dityatin, N. Michael, E. Magyar (Hungary, 1st place). Competitions on the rings: performances by D. Greku, S. Belchev, D. Ferenc (Hungary). Part 3. Performances on the rings by A. Dityatin (1st place). Competitions in the vault: performances by I. Tabak (Czechoslovakia), F. Roches (Cuba), N. Andriyanov, A. Dityatin. Competitions on uneven bars: performances by S. Belchev (Bulgaria), R. Brückner (GDR), A. Tkachev (1st place). Competitions on the crossbar: performances of A. Tkachev, S. Belchev (Bulgaria 1st place), M. Aroya (Cuba), A. Dityatin. The ceremonial closing of the Olympics in Moscow. The Olympic bear (Red plan) flies into the sky.
G. Chertov
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, gymnastics
, olympic games
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S. Kuzminsky, Yu. Rudenko, I. Sosenkov, I. Filatov, S. Cherkasov, Yu. Shchuplyakov
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