Hammer and Sickle

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Hammer and Sickle plant. Rolling mill. Tube rolling shop. Mukhina's sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Woman", made of steel from the "Hammer and Sickle" plant. Columns of the Mayakovskaya metro station made of steel from the plant. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Concert of amateur performances. Performance by the ballet troupe of the Palace of Culture of the Hammer and Sickle plant. Open-hearth shop of the plant. Deputy of the USSR Armed Forces V. Klyuev watches the melting, takes a sample. Steel is pouring. Hero of Socialist Labor V. Dyuzhev, a rolling machine operator at the Hammer and Sickle plant, in the back of the Palace of Congresses, in the sheet-rolling shop. Professor of the existing metallurgical institute at the plant N. Gromov with students in the sheet-rolling shop. Students at a lecture at the institute. Factory Palace of Culture. Ballet studio. A. Messerer and Lopukhina in the classroom with children. Says the head of the people's theater of the plant N. Loginov (synchronously). Chronicle. An old house. Children at the column. The woman pours water into a bucket. Garbage dump. Children play in the yard. Moscow city. District Novogireevo. Metallurgov street. Nursery and kindergarten building. Children sleep, play, dig beds and plant flowers while walking. Boats on the river. V. Klyuev fishing. Fishermen by the fire, cook fish soup. Dispensary of the Hammer and Sickle plant. Vacationers in the treatment room. They play billiards, chess, badminton. Chronicle of the war. The battles for the liberation of Volokolamsk. Monument to the metallurgists of the plant who died in the war.
G. Blinov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, metallurgy
, relaxation
, spa assistance
, everyday life
, higher education
, club type institutions
, preschool education
, artistic activities
Number of Parts
I. Mikheev
Other Creators
Screenplay N. Zhuravlev
Release Date
Has Sound

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