Handshake in Space Soyuz-Apollo

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A film about the preparation and implementation of the Soviet-American space project "Soyuz - Apollo". PARTS ONE-SIX 1973-1975. Pilot-cosmonauts of the USSR A.A. Leonov, V.N. Kubasov and American astronauts V. Brand, S. Donald, T. Stafford attend a press conference in Star City, visit the Konstantin Tsiolkovsky House-Museum and the Museum of History astronautics in Kaluga; train at the Cosmonaut Training Center; preparing for launch at the Baikonur cosmodrome. Launches and landings of spaceships. Pilot-cosmonauts of the USSR A.A. Leonov and V.N.Kubasov, American astronauts V. Brand, S. Donald, T. Stafford - at work in orbit; during gala receptions and other official events. The crews of the Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft are working out joint flight programs in the USSR and the USA, at the Center for Manned Space Flight (NASA) in Houston. Cosmonauts N.N. Rukavishnikov, A.G. Nikolaev, Yu.V. Romanenko, V.F.Bykovsky, A.S. Ivanchenkov, V.A.Shatalov, A.S. Eliseev are present at the press conference, tests of the spacecraft Soyuz, overseeing the flight at the Mission Control Center. Technical directors of the Soyuz-Apollo flight preparation project Glen Lanney and KD Bushuev are present at the meeting of the heads of the USSR Academy of Sciences and NASA. Journalists from different countries transmit information about the flight of the Soviet-American Soyuz-Apollo crew from the press center of the Mission Control Center, the US Ambassador to the USSR Stetsel and his wife are present. Journalists from different countries, at the press center of the Kennedy Cosmodrome in the United States, is the USSR Ambassador to the United States AF Dobrynin. PART ONE Moscow. 1971. Session of the 24th Congress of the CPSU, among those present - AS Eliseev and VA Shatalov, LI Brezhnev speaks. Moscow, 1973-1975. Queue to Lenin's Mausoleum. Representatives of the Soyuz-Apollo space project visiting the necropolis near the Kremlin wall. USA. 1973. Leonid Brezhnev speaks during his official visit. PART TWO USA, 1973-1975. White House Building, Washington DC. President D. Ford receives the participants of the Soyuz-Apollo space project. USSR, 1974-1975. Testing the docking vehicle "ASTP" at the Space Research Institute. Research vessel "Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin" at sea. PART THREE View of the Baikonur cosmodrome (from the top point). Launch pad at the cosmodrome. The premises of the assembly and testing building. The cosmonauts inspect the carrier rocket and the Soyuz-19 spacecraft. Monument to S.P. Korolyov. The alley planted by the astronauts. American astronauts are planting trees, T. Stafford is watering a tree. Moscow. 1974-1975. NASA Deputy Head Dr. Low and Academician VA Kotelnikov sign the final document of the Soyuz-Apollo space project, speaks at a meeting of NASA and USSR Academy of Sciences leaders (synchronously). USA. State of Florida. 1975. Space test site, work on the preparation of the launch vehicle and the Apollo spacecraft. PART FOUR 1975 Rallies at industrial enterprises dedicated to the flight of the Soyuz-19 and Apollo spacecraft. 1975, July. Docking of the Soyuz-19 and Apollo spacecraft. May 24 - July 26. Flight of the Salyut-4 space station. On board the station are cosmonauts P. Klimuk and V. Sevastyanov. Chronicle footage. Germany, 1945. Meeting of Soviet and American soldiers on the Elbe. PART FIVE July 1975. Docking and divergence of the Soyuz-19 and Apollo spacecraft in space, the ultraviolet absorption experiment and other points of the Soyuz-Apollo program. PART SIX 1975, July. Landing of the Soyuz-19 spacecraft. Solemn meeting of the cosmonauts. Leonid Brezhnev takes in the Kremlin the crews of the Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft. Monument to Yuri Gagarin in the city of Zvezdny.
N. Makarov
Film ID
sea transport
, international economic relations
, space communication
, cosmonautics
, international scientific relations
Number of Parts
Yu. Ivlev, I. Kasatkin, Yu. Maksimov
Other Creators
announcer L. Cloud
Release Date
Has Sound

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