Happy New Year

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1h Moscow streets on the eve of the New Year. Selling bread after canceling the cards. Meeting of the VII All-Union Congress of Soviets. II All-Union Congress of Collective Farmers-Shock Workers. JV Stalin welcomes graduates of the Red Army academies to the Kremlin. New stations of the Moscow metro. P. Krivonos leads the train along the Donetsk railway. VII World Congress of the Comintern in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. Meeting in Moscow participants of the Ashgabat-Moscow horse crossing. A. Stakhanov works in the face. The Moscow - Prague football match at the Dynamo stadium in Moscow; among the fans - K.E. Voroshilov, A.I. Mikoyan. Maneuvers of the Kiev Military District. Icebreaker "Sadko", which reached the northernmost point of the Arctic. Weavers D. and M. Vinogradov. Participants of the bike crossing the Black Sea - Vladivostok. The leaders of the USSR (among them - I.V. Stalin, V.M. Molotov, L.M. Kaganovich, A.I. Mikoyan, K.E. Demchenko. 1st All-Union Conference of the Stakhanovites. Pilot VK Kokkinaki before and after the flight into the stratosphere. 2h The leaders of the USSR among the participants in the meeting of combine operators. JV Stalin and M. Nakhangova in the Kremlin. AI Mikoyan at the food processing plant in Moscow. The jazz orchestra conducted by A. Tsfasman performs dance melodies. JV Stalin on Red Square on May 1. Celebrating the New Year in various regions of the USSR.
M. Slutsky
Film ID
extractive industry
, urban transport
, food industry
, retail trade
, higher education
, higher bodies of state power
, football
, automotive
, textile industry
, rationalization
, agitation and propaganda
, cities
, railway transport
, ground troops
, international communist movement
, music
Number of Parts
M. Glider
Other Creators
sound D. Ovsyannikov, composer D. Pokrass, lyrics by V. Lebedev-Kumach
Release Date
Has Sound

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