Haptagai Gardeners

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The agronomist in the field checks the growth of potatoes, takes soil samples. General view of the field. A man sits in a tractor cab with a digger; tractor plows the field. Agronomists are walking along the potato field, talking. One of the specialists examines the potato leaves, measures them with a ruler, makes notes in a notebook. View of the village. A tractor is driving along the road along the wooden houses. People at the greenhouse window, among them - a lieutenant colonel, Hero of the Soviet Union in a ceremonial tunic. The house of one of the residents of the village: a man and a woman are looking at books on plant growing. The child is eating at the table, the woman is watching. General view of collective farm greenhouses. Workers water the plants with a watering can. The woman is weeding the beds in the greenhouse. In a cabbage field, collective farmers collect caterpillars from leaves. Women are planting seedlings in a greenhouse. Schoolchildren practice in a greenhouse. A woman spuds heads of cabbage in the field, a man waters heads of cabbage. Close-up of a man's face. Women are resting on the field, talking. A woman surveyor measures the field, makes notes in a notebook. The tractor brings new equipment to the field. The master explains to women how to deal with her. Women install irrigation pipeline on the field.
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out-of-school education
, standard of living
, settlements
, plant growing
, a family
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