Harsh Memory

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A film about the fate of Soviet people, former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps: Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald and others. Former prisoners: tractor driver I. Nazarov, pilot N. Pysin, doctor F. Vrublevsky, writer S. P. Zlobin, workers A. A. Sarapkin, L. Pyatykh, pilot A. V. Kuznetsov after the war at the workplace. Sachsenhausen concentration camp. L. Pyatykh, A. A. Sarapkin, German communists Z. Haan, K. Schwotzer in the camp museum. The meeting of the former prisoner of the pilot A. V. Kuznetsov with the Poles who helped him during the war years: Y. Dombrowski, L. and T. Shpruhi, K. Griklyaks, Logi-Sowiński, Mochar in Lodz, Warsaw. Newsreel: Warsaw destroyed and rebuilt. Shells explode. The village is burning. Corpses of children. German soldiers hijack civilians. Thorny fences of concentration camps, prisoners are passing by. SS men with dogs. Experimental blocks. Cans of gas, poison, syringes. Meeting A. V. Kuznetsov with the pilot, a former prisoner of Sachsenhausen M. Devyatayev, who organized an escape from the camp on a German plane. M. Devyatayev after the war, the captain of the "Meteora" sails along the Volga River. Portraits of the dead prisoners of concentration camps: Moabit, Mauthausen and others. Cemetery of the dead prisoners. West Berlin. Soldiers are marching. Memorial in Buchenwald. Former prisoners at the place of death of E. Thalmann. Manifetation of former concentration camp prisoners.
I. Persian
Film ID
, the second world war
, germanywestern
, cities
Number of Parts
I. Persian
Other Creators
Text by S.S.Smirnov
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Has Sound

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