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The film is dedicated to the problems of disarmament. The film uses materials from the Central State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of the USSR, the State Film Fund of the USSR, foreign newsreels. Part I. Chronicle footage: the US aircraft carrier at sea, the takeoff of the BT bomber, MX missiles in the air, the Ohio submarine at sea, the military at the console, at the phones; excursion to the US Museum of Aviation and Astronautics. Yasnaya Polyana, until 1910, Leo Tolstoy walks along the alley; The Spanish Civil War; footage of the chronicle of the Second World War, the Victory Parade in June 1945; October 1946, harvesting potatoes in Berlin, Victory Column. Part II. Chronicle footage: the corpses of executed Nazi criminals - K. Keitel, Jodl, G. Goering. Japan. Exhibition of military equipment and weapons. Monument to W. Churchill in London. Night London. Chronicle footage dedicated to W. Churchill and Churchill's funeral. Footage: US President D. Eisenhower speaks (synchronously), talks with Soviet representatives, including GK Zhukov; J. Kennedy shakes hands with NM Shvernik; American Polaris missiles; graves of John and Robert Kennedy. Part III. Chronicle footage: the United States, people burn weapons in a furnace, throw them into the sea; US President J. Carter on a military submarine; military maneuvers; Bundeswehr soldiers are passing by; Lieutenant Colonel of the Bundeswehr A. Mechtersheimer, General of the Bundeswehr G. Bastian give interviews (synchronously); storks in the nest; people at the fountain; Sweden, Stockholm, traffic and pedestrian traffic. Chronicle footage: Germany, Cologne, spring 1945, destruction; USA. Landscapes of Utah. Part IV. Chronicle: US Admiral La Roque gives interviews (synchronously); D. Kennedy and Defense Secretary R. McNamara leave the building; R. McNamara gives interviews (synchronously); the building of the US Department of State; US Ambassador to the USSR J. Cannan presents his credentials to NA Buganin; Germany, the rite of mass baptism of "Jehovah's Witnesses" at one of the stadiums; Hare Krishnas dance and sing; World Conference of Religious Leaders in Moscow in 1982, Patriarch of All Russia Pimen; scientist-physicist J. Kistyakovsky gives interviews (synchronously); Germany, 1945 Meeting on the Elbe of Soviet and American troops; USA, 1945 San Francisco Conference; United States, the explosion of fragmentation bombs on the railroad in Roseville, California. Part V. Chronicle: Spain, January 1966, the village of Palomares, Mediterranean Sea, US warplanes with atomic weapons on board, crashed and wrecked. US Ambassador to Spain E. B. Duke bathing in the sea; the search for sunken US air bombs using dolphins; submarines "Thresher" and "Nautilus". ; US Naval Base Holy Lough in Scotland; military exercises of the US troops. Part VI. Interview with US Admiral P. Carter (synchronously). Chronicle: missile launch under water, nuclear explosion; Italy, carnival in Viareggia (synchronously); the inauguration of the city of Oak Ridge - "the city of the atomic bomb"; construction of bomb shelters in Japan and the USA; training evacuation of the population in Stockholm; military maneuvers of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany. Part VII. Chronicle: Germany, Civil Defense exercise on November 7, 1981, a secret bunker; France, Maginot Line bunker auction; USA, command post in Omaha, Nebraska. Part VIII. Chronicle: France, fortification of the Maginot Line; footage of the chronicle of the Second World War, dedicated to G. Goebbels and his family; bunkers "Wolfeschanze", corpses of people, including the children of Goebbels; USA, Mount Weather Command Post; Japan, meeting of Japanese girls who were injured during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and were treated in the United States; ritual procession in memory of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Part IX. Chronicle footage dedicated to dropping the atomic bomb on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; USA, military exercises in the state of Nevada; a resident of St. George, Utah gives interviews about cancer cases (synchronously); Polynesia, landscapes of the islands, a scientist from Sweden B. Danielson, who studies the consequences of nuclear tests in France, gives interviews (synchronously), landscapes of Tahiti; Japan, Tokyo, it is raining, children are playing. Part X. Chronicle: USA, disabled student of the University of California T. Wiles; Bikini Island, intended for US nuclear tests, the life and life of the inhabitants of the island; flight of spacecraft Soyuz - Apollo, handshake in space.
D. Firsova
Film ID
military communications
, scientific connections
, the second world war
, armed forces
, fishing
, civil war in spain
, religion
, everyday life
, museums
, government
, civil defense
, state holidays
, population
, political connections
, diplomatic relations
, international connections in the field of religion
, cities
, cosmonautics
Number of Parts
V. Mikosha, L. Kolysov, A. Khlebnikov, E. Orfani, V. Ivanov, E. Kotova, Z. Alimova, A. Siniokaya, E. Vasilieva, G. Saleeva
Other Creators
script G. Gurkov, D. Firsova
Release Date
Has Sound

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