Health No 103

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1 plot. Stress and microflora. Institute for Biomedical Problems. A group of scientists in the laboratory of the institute are conducting experiments with a monkey that has survived stress. Bifidobacteria (filmed through a microscope). NDP. Various biological preparations in glass vials for the prevention of dysbiosis, enterocolitis and other diseases of the digestive system. 2 plot. Doctor Zeng is treating. Khabarovsk. Amur river. People are relaxing on the beach. The movement of vehicles on the streets of the city. Building of the Institute of Clinical Experimental Medicine, Department of General and Clinical Pathology. Patients' letters are on the desk of the Chinese physician Zeng Kann Jen. Zeng is in charge of receiving patients, treating patients with acupuncture, electric shocks and other methods. 3 plot. You can help them. A nurse measures a boy's height in the office of the All-Union Endocrinological Center. Doctor Zarubina is examining a stunted boy. The process of examining the endocrine glands using ultrasound. Image on the monitor. X-ray of the boy's forelimb finger joints. Examination of the boy's skull using special equipment. The nurse takes a blood test from the boy. Various drugs that stimulate human growth. The Center's patients pass along the corridor. 4 plot. Careful sun! Krasnodar region. Vacationers sunbathe on the beach, swim in the Black Sea. The building of the All-Union Center for Medical Rehabilitation and the Sochi resort. Experts conduct experiments after spending several hours in a row in the sun: take a blood test, examine patients using microscopes.
N. Gulchuk, V. Ilyichev, L. Boldyreva, V. Marinova
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standard of living
, hospitals
, resorts
, medicine
, a family
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G. Kreps, I. Korganov, E. Chukovsky, A. Martishevsky
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